A Dickens Of A Christmas, in Wellsboro Pa

20 years ago we spent part of our honeymoon in Wellsboro Pa.  So for our 20th wedding anniversary, we rented a cabin at Hills Creek and spent the week-end in Wellsboro once again, planning to enjoy the Dickens of A Christmas celebration.

Friday night was wonderful!  Downtown Wellsboro is a beautiful place.  My husband bought a new hat (YAY!  The baseball cap went away for the week-end!) at the Garrison's Mens Shop, I bought an alpaca scarf at the craft show held in the United Methodist Church, we had a wonderful time chatting with the employees at Wild Asaph Outfitters (we did some Christmas shopping while there!) picked up some candies at Peggy's Candy's And Gifts, and had dinner at The Steak House.
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The Steak House is a wonderful little place!  When we looked them up online (we were searching for a good place to get a steak for dinner) we thought there was a mistake - their hours were listed as 5pm to 9pm.  We tried calling, no answer.  But we knew there were other places to eat nearby, so we decided to drive into town and see.  Yes, they are really only open 5 hours a night.  It was one of the best steaks I have ever had!  I was even able to get a baked sweet potato, and hot cider, with it.  It's a small place, a little crowded, but great service and a nice atmosphere.

Saturday is the big day for Dickens Of A Christmas - craft and food vendors line up in front of the shops and down the side streets.   In the middle green was Santa Claus, posing for photos with the kids.  We saw a trolley when we first got there, but only once - it was SO crowded I doubt the trolley could have made it back down the street.  We heard the bagpipes..  but could not see the bagpiper, it was that crowded.    

Still I managed to see most of the stands, and even bought a few things..  but it was too crowded to eat there. The food lines were extremely long, and since we were constantly being bumped and jostled, it wouldn't have been fun to try to eat there.

We parked at the thrift store, one of the shuttle stops, but walked into town rather than take the shuttle (a school bus).  It was a nice walk - only about a mile and a half, and it was a beautiful day.  Our plan had been to spend the day downtown, then take the shuttle back out - but with the crowds, we were done downtown in about an hours time - so we simply walked back.  I didn't really want to be crowded onto a school bus after being so crowded downtown.  :-)  If we go back, I would choose different shoes..  I was not wearing shoes made for that much walking, but it wasn't bad at all.  The thrift store there is nice too - I found some pampered chef stones and a boyds bear ornament for my boyds tree while there. 

(these were for sale in a yard we walked past on our way out of the downtown area)
I think the weather was just too nice.  There are tour buses that come in for this event, which adds to the crowd, but the nice weather meant that people were more willing to be outside too. If we ever go back, we'll go when it is much colder.  :-)

So that took much less time than we expected!  We thought Dickens would be an all day event for us..  but we didn't want to brave the crowds downtown any longer, we didn't see any of the shows, nor go to the concerts..  so an hour was plenty.  After going back to our cabin for awhile, we decided to head to Mansfield and go bowling - something we hadn't done in a long time!  First we stopped in the antique stores in downtown Mansfield and did some shopping.  We stopped in at the Yorholo Brewing Company, where they not only brew all of their beers on site, they also buy most of the ingredients for their food from local farms.  Awesome place!
The coffee shop on this block was one of my favorites when my niece was in college here, but we didn't stop in this trip.
The bowling alley was cute!  Very vintage.  When we walked to the counter, the clerk handed us a paper score card.  I haven't seen one of those in years!  The clerk laughed when he saw the look on our faces, and handed us a cheat sheet to remind us how to keep score..  but we just cheated and downloaded an app to keep score for us.  We copied the info from the app to the paper.  LOL!

It is not far from Mansfield to Wellsboro, and Dan wanted Chinese food, so we did a quick search (we do love our smartphones!) and found that the Magic Wok, back in the same plaza as the thrift store, so we phoned in an order and went back that way to pick it up.  It was REALLY good.  Really, really good.  We took it back to the cabin to eat, and on our way into the park, came across 6 deer.  We sat and watched them for a minute, then I got brave and rolled down the window to take a photo, figuring that would spook them.  Nope.  I took a photo, sure that the flash from the camera would spook them.  Nope.  I took several photos, then watched them a few more minutes, before we left.  We were really close to them!
Sunday we drove back to Wellsboro one last time for this trip.  We would have stopped in at the Native Bagel, one of my favorite restaurants, but we just were not hungry.  Downtown was once again almost empty.  There were a few shoppers out, but not the stands and crowds from the day before were gone - without a trace. It was amazing to me how clean the town looked, no debris left behind.  We had fun taking some pics - I've always loved that Wynken Blynken and Nod fountain, we visit it every time we come through this way.

The two photos above, and the one at the very top of this page were all taken with my husbands cell phone - which takes MUCH better pics and mine!  He has the Motorola Droid RZR - I'm really hoping the Droid 4 has the same camera improvements that the RZR has!  


I've been singing "Lucky" by Jason Mraz for the last two days. This was a GREAT trip!
‎"Lucky to be in love with my best friend, lucky to be where we have been, lucky to be coming home again..."

Looking forward to Christkindl, and The Warrior Run Candlelight Church Service, this week!