Lunch At The Turkey Ranch

On our way home from Wellsboro, we finally ate at the Turkey Ranch.  A lot of Dan's friends can't believe we have never stopped there, so we stopped in.

It's a truck stop.  A NICE truck stop, but a truck stop.  I would have ordered a salad, but when I walked in and saw that "salad" meant iceberg lettuce and shredded carrots, I decided on a buffalo chicken wrap instead.  It was ok.  (The buffalo chicken wraps at the Milltown Deli in Milton are AMAZING, this did not compare, but was ok.)  The french fries however, were some of the best around.  They are a battered fry, and were worth the stop!  The fries, and the pot of coffee.  When I ordered coffee, the waitress brought me a carafe.  I love that, and do not know why more restaurants do not do that!

Dan ordered the turkey sandwich - I think.  It was stuffing, topped with turkey, topped with bread, coated in gravy.  The gravy looks congealed when it is served, but it's not..  it just looks...  unappetizing.  Dan ate it all though, so it couldn't have been too bad.  :-)

The decor was really nice - a decorated fireplace, some mounted animals, and a lot of old photos.  The restaurants history is right on the menu, I always like that - I love history.  

The gift shop was nothing special - yankee candles, boyds bears, a few other items..  it was a nice little shop, but nothing local made there.

It was clean and nice.  The food wasn't exceptional, but it wasn't bad either.  The french fries and coffee carafe really made it worth the stop, for me.  

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