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Did you know that Knoebels is America's largest free admission park?  I didn't, but I did know it had one of the top 10 roller coasters in America - The Phoenix.
Phoenix anticipating astonishing airtime (Photo by Robb Alvey
(Photo by Robb Alvey
"Phoenix was originally built in 1947 and operated as The Rocket at the now defunct Playland Park in San Antonio. Unfortunately, Playland Park and The Rocket closed in 1980. In 1984, Dick Knoebel purchased The Rocket and a year later he hired Charles Dinn to relocate and reconstruct this classic wooden coaster at Knoebels Amusement Resort. Thanks to the tireless efforts to preserve this roller coaster, enthusiasts can continue to enjoy one of the world's best wooden roller coasters. Phoenix is consistently ranked as one of the top ten wooden roller coasters. The double out and back layout features great drops and plenty of airtime filled hills including the double up, double down and the bunny hops on the return run to the station. Phoenix continues to run with classic PTC three bench trains with fixed position lab bars."

There is a lot more to love about this amusement park.  For instance:
they have a dress code.

They have great photo spots.
They have an app - it is interactive, and uses gps, so you can see where you are, and how to get to each ride and attraction in the park.  

And my favorite, when the kids were younger, was the free play.  It's held at the outdoor castle, and kids are all invited to take part.  They are provided with simple costumes, and told what to do, so they can be part of the show from a pretty young age.

For more attractions - including museums, bald eagle habitat, haunted house, lazer tag, mini golf, arcades, etc, see here:

Not only is this a great place to go with the kids, but it's a fun date night.  We sometimes drive here just to ride the roller coasters.

Some pics from our rides on our last trip there -