Just Vittles, Turbotville Pa

The best thing about this place is it's convenience if you are headed to Montour Preserve for a picnic.  It's located on 54 outside of Turbotville, right on our way to the lake.  

It used to be Videos And Vittles, but recently the inside has been completely redone, and the old video area is now additional seating.  When we were in a year ago I was not thrilled with the lack of cleanliness, but since the remodel, it's nice and clean in here.  This is another local, not fast service, place, locally owned, with good hoagies.  They serve pizza here too, but I have never had it.
  Nothing to rave about, but convenient, good, and local.

For lunch today (with a friend, after kayaking on the lake all morning) I had a cheesesteak with mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, and hot wet peppers - it was good.  That and a peak ice tea from the cooler (no fountain sodas here) cost me $8.02.