Doughnuts! The Amish Bakery on 54 in Turbotville

(Byerly's Bake Goods has moved to the intersection of 54 & The Susquehanna Trail  Just down the road.  I'll get some new pics of the location, and scan in the full menu, soon)

Once inside, the girl working there opened up this case to show me the doughnut options. (I asked her if I could take this photo)

Doughnuts are $1 each or $10 a dozen.  There was a small table to the right with a few loaves of bread, raisin cookies, and a pepperoni loaf for sale as well.

The options this week included:
Bavarian Cream topped with chocolate
Bavarian Cream in powdered sugar
Raspberry cream
Peanut butter topped with chocolate (my favorite!)

Please note - these directions no longer apply - they have moved to their new location at the intersection of the Susquehanna Trail and 54.

If you have driven on 54 through Turbotville, you have likely seen the big yellow "doughnuts" sign along the road.  A smaller sign tells you that there are doughnuts on Fridays.

Since we live nearby, we pass the sign all the time.  Today I decided to check it out.  

The actual doughnut place IS the farm right above the sign.  Today there was a thin sign on a thin post at the end of the driveway, but it was folded over in the rain and unreadable.  It was such a small sign that I did not see it at first.  I actually rolled down my window and asked a van that was driving out - and I'm glad I did.  Because when you drive back the driveway, there are no signs.

I would not have guessed on my own that I should walk back this sidewalk, under the house.  Once back there, there are 3 doors - the one you cannot see from the driveway, or in this photo, is the door you want. There is a white sign in the door that says "watch your step".