Doughnuts! The Amish Bakery on 54 in Turbotville

Officially it's Byerly's Baked Goods - but we all call it the Donut Place.
Located at the intersection of 54 & Susquehanna Trail in Watsontown
Technically - 71 Keener Drive, Watsontown PA.

Open Fridays and Saturdays Only

Once inside, the girl working there opened up this case to show me the doughnut options. (I asked her if I could take this photo)

Doughnuts are $1 each or $10 a dozen.  There was a small table to the right with a few loaves of bread, raisin cookies, and a pepperoni loaf for sale as well.

The options this week included:
Bavarian Cream topped with chocolate
Bavarian Cream in powdered sugar
Raspberry cream
Peanut butter topped with chocolate (my favorite!)

There's always more than doughnuts.  Usually a variety of baked goods, sometimes fresh flowers...

In June of this year there was "long cake".  I asked what Long Cake is, and she replied "not shortcake" and laughed.  LOL!  It's what they eat their strawberries on, but it's more like a coffee cake, minus the sugar, than what I make as shortcake.

Original Post - from before they moved to their new location - 

If you have driven on 54 through Turbotville, you have likely seen the big yellow "doughnuts" sign along the road.  A smaller sign tells you that there are doughnuts on Fridays.

Since we live nearby, we pass the sign all the time.  Today I decided to check it out.  

The actual doughnut place IS the farm right above the sign.  Today there was a thin sign on a thin post at the end of the driveway, but it was folded over in the rain and unreadable.  It was such a small sign that I did not see it at first.  I actually rolled down my window and asked a van that was driving out - and I'm glad I did.  Because when you drive back the driveway, there are no signs.

I would not have guessed on my own that I should walk back this sidewalk, under the house.  Once back there, there are 3 doors - the one you cannot see from the driveway, or in this photo, is the door you want. There is a white sign in the door that says "watch your step".


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