Edith's Kitchen, Danville PA - CLOSED

Edith's is now closed - they do catering, but there is no longer a restaurant.  :-(

I think I have loved every restaurant that has been in this building.  First the Old Hardware, then Mulberries, now Edith's Kitchen.  336 Mill St, Danville Pa.

Their facebook page is really out of date.  That often makes me nervous when we are looking at restaurants to try, but in this case, it's just poor social marketing. 

These were just the specials. The full menu is actually quite large.  We ordered the greek wrap, and the hot roast beef sandwich:

Dan had a soda, it's big bens on tap, and it comes in a mason jar with a straw.  They even have blue birch! I ordered coffee, and received a full carafe.  :-)
Our bill came to $24. Very reasonable.

The decor feels a bit like pinterest come to life.  There's a counter here that is made out of old shutters, and a ladder hanging from the ceiling, fake windows, and lights strung between burlap...  

We need to take our teenage son to check out the locomotive sometime soon -