5 Things to Do In The Susquehanna Valley In April

Beaver Run (Amish Run) Consignment Sale

This sale happens twice a year, April & September.  For years, it was a lot of fun and you could find some awesome bargains! For the past two years, it's been fun and the doughnuts are still amazing. But the prices overall have been ridiculously high.  Still, this is an event to see.  And the doughnuts are worth the trip!

There will be approximately 7 auctions on the ground occurring all at once.  Livestock, quilts, antiques, furniture, farm equipment, misc, plants...  this is all amish run, and the proceeds benefit their school, which must be the wealthiest school in the state by my calculations.  :-)

You can see some photos from the event here - http://susquehannavalley.blogspot.com/2012/09/beaver-run-amish-consignment-sale-9112.html

April 16th 2016
From Turbotville, head east towards Washingtonville on 54.  Once you see the lawn furniture/sheds for sale on your left, it will be the next turn, also on your left.  There's a sign, it's usually well marked.  Once you turn left just keep driving, you can't miss all the cars parked in the fields for the sale.  :-)

Lewisburg Arts Festival

All of the main street is closed down, and tents are down the middle of the street, filled with artists work. In addition to that, there are food vendors in the park, and activities for the kids, performances around town... it's a great example of a small town festival done well.

Some photos from a past years arts Festival -

Saturday April 24th 2016, from 10am-5pm
Lewisburg PA.

Try An Escape Room

We now have TWO different escape rooms in our area. Fantasy Escape Room in Lewisburg Pa, & Can You Xcape in Bloomsburg PA.  We've done Can You Xscape, and it was awesome!  We have our reservations for Fantasy Escape, so I'll soon be able to compare the two.

The escape room concept is pretty simple.  They are themed.  The one we did was a Tornado room.  The room looked like a tornado had gone through, and an alert warned us that another tornado was coming.  We needed to escape the room before the tornado hit, which would be in exactly 60 minutes, as the game is an hour long.  :-)  You search the room for clues, hidden keys, puzzles...  then you solve the puzzles until you finally get to the final puzzle, which is the code to open the door and escape.

At no time were we actually locked into the room.  There were two doors - one that was locked, that we had to unlock to win the game, and one that was closed, but unlocked.  We could have walked out that door at any time.  Although I warned our team to use the bathroom before we began..  you really don't have time to spare, you have to work hard to get out in less than an hour.

These can be a bit pricey for families - it's about $25 a person.  The Lewisburg room has a really good special on groupon, and if you follow Can You Xcape's facebook page, they post coupons and special deals as well.

Plow Day

Ok, so maybe this isn't one to do, so much as one to know really happens right here in our area.
There's camping, and food.  It's an all out festival.  And then they plow with lawn mowers.  I've seen the photos, but I've yet to see it in person..  I do hope to check it out this year.  No, I don't know why they plow with lawn mowers in an area inundated with plow horses and real tractors.  Probably just because they can.  :-)
Held this year on Friday April 15th and Saturday April 16th
In Dewart, PA - there are signs up right on main street, and plenty of signs to follow that will take you right to the grounds.

There's a facebook group here with all the details

Hike the Ricketts Glen Falls Trail

April is a great time for this hike, because the falls are usually very full in the spring.
22 waterfalls on an approximate 5 mile loop.
Or a shorter version, just seeing a few of the falls -

Need more ideas?
Here is my list of 9 mostly free road trips from our area:

Or how about dinner at an amish farm?

And don't forget doughnut day in Turbotville, every friday and Saturday -