Our "Places To Try" List (And Our Favorites Too!)

I asked, on facebook, awhile back about the best (preferably non chain) places to eat in our area.  Most of the responses are already on our favorites list, but we still have a list of places to try.  Several people have since asked me if I compiled a list from the answers I received, so this is my attempt to do so.  It's  work in progress...

*Our Favorites
Gyro - Main Street Grill (also great steaks here.  And Greek hamburgs)
For Pizza - Weavers 
Best Subs - Fetters in Milton, Pops in Muncy
Mexican - Galera Dos Mexican (JZapata if you are up for a drive!)
A Nice Dinner Out - Old Forge, Milltown Deli, The Inn At Turkey Hill
Lunch - Mels Diner, Milltown Deli, D&C Coffee & Tea, Rooneys Pub
Diner - Allenwood Cafe, Kathy's Cafe, Street Of Shops, Cruisers
Best French Fries & Great subs - Pops in Muncy
Jerseytown Tavern
Steak Dinner - Friday & Saturday night special at the Log Cabin Inn
The White Oak Tavern - awesome smoked turkey sandwich
Rics  - fantastic wraps & great outdoor seating

Places I'm really anxious to try: Penns Tavern, The Muffin Man, The Blind Pig, Abrana Maries (Not yet open)


*The Allenwood Cafe
*Weavers Pizza (and ice cream!)


Fog & The Flame (GREAT coffee!)

To Try:
The Blind Pig


*Galera Dos Mexican
*The Old Forge

To Try: 
Muffin Man
Carina's Italian

The White Oak Tavern


Kathys (great little diner, mostly local grown food!)

*The Jerseytown Tavern

OIP Buffet
*Street Of Shops Cafe
Pronto (great place for lunch)
Caribbean Connection (Jamaican, Very Good!)
Country Cupboard
*The Fence drive in
TasteCraft My Favorite Coffee shop!
Kitchen Witch (take out only)

To Try: Reba & Panchos
Abrana Maries Tacoqueen (opening in Jan 2018)
The Scratching Post (Cat Cafe) Masons Diner has closed

D&C Coffee & Tea


*Lisa's Milltown Deli
Marlin's Sub Shop
The Well Cafe (at Christ Wesleyan Church - limited menu, but great for long lunches with friends)
The Arrowhead (Dan loves this place, me, not so much.  It's mostly food I cook at home, other than the "pig in a blanket" they are famous for)
Fetters (Great Subs!)

Speedys - Tried to go here, but smoking is permitted, we could barely breath when we walked in the door.  Not for us.

Station House (My husband has breakfast every other Sunday here, him and the guys love this place.  I have never been inside!)


*Mel's Deli & Cafe (Meg & my favorite place for lunch!)
The Family Wok (Our favorite place for Chinese)
Grace Buffet (I love the mongolian grill here)
Herman & Luthers (FANTASTIC boxed lunches!)
Pier 87 (Can't beat the view & outdoor eating in the summer!)
The Skybox Bar & Grill (eat on the rooftop patio!)
Griggs Coffee Shop (good breakfast)

To Try:
Bacchus - https://www.facebook.com/BacchusEatery/

*Main Street Grill (My Favorite!!! BEST gyros around)
Pops Place (best french fries, great subs, a real philly cheesesteak)

The Log Cabin Inn - sit down, family style, tavern type setting
Check out the steak special at the Log Cabin Inn on Saturday nights.  It's a tremendous amount of GOOD food!  The steaks are huge.  Order them more cooked than you would normally order, because they are THICK.  Medium  is medium rare here.

To Try:
The Pennsylvania Chop House

Mt Pleasant Mills


TO TRY - Penns Tavern!!!

The Turbotville Hotel (full service only Friday & Saturday Nights)
     Under new ownership - the bar is open, but the restaurant is not, yet.  It will be soon!
OIP (I love their grilled chicken salad)

Two Sisters - Closed, moved to Erie  :-(

The Village Inn (Local Dive of Sorts)

West Milton
Rooney's Pub (This has become one of my favorites for lunch)

Crown Fried Chicken (pretty decent gyros here!)
*Stone House
Sinners & Saints Speakeasy (the food here was SOOOOO good!! Can't wait to go back!)

To Try:
Moon & Raven Public House

soooooo many to try here!  But if you are in Williamsport, be sure to stop by Le Chocolate and pick up some salted caramels and peanut butter meltaways. Their chocolates are my favorites!!


  1. Griggs in Montoursville is the other operation of Dolly's Diner in case didn't know. I haven't been there but we have been to Dolly's and rather enjoyed it. If you like Italian I recommend Vincenzo's Italian Cruisine on just off I-180 on Maynard Street in Williamsport.


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