CLOSED - MARC East Branch Recreation Area

 From last month's MARC agenda:East Branch Recreation Area
o MARC has notified Talen Energy that it will not renew the annual lease agreement; Talen Energy had required that MARC assume all costs to operate and maintain t
he site
o MARC has discontinued all subcontracted services at the site (lawn care, porta-potty service and trash removal)
o Soccer goals and benches were removed by the Warrior Run area adult soccer league (as allowed by Talen Energy); the league has also removed its shed from the gated storage area
o As of 9/8, $2,430.66 remains earmarked in MARC’s account for site supplies and $1,113.74 remains earmarked for site maintenance; these earmarks will be released on 9/30 after the final bills for contracted services have been paid


Trail Head at the East Branch Recreation Area

I LOVE Montour Preserve. The trail around the lake is one of my favorite places to walk. Or it was. Dogs are not allowed there, and my Molly goes absolutely everywhere with me - she LOVES to hike.  So it feels wrong to go walk around the lake, and leave her in the car. 

The address is Whitehall Rd (PA Route 44), Bloomsburg, PA 17815
But don't let the Bloomsburg confuse you - it's right behind Montour Preserve, before you get to the Jerseytown Tavern.  The town lines must run in odd shapes, for a Bloomsburg address to fall between White Hall and Jerseytown.  :-)

 Recently we drove past this sign. And then we drove past it again. And again. Until I finally said "hey, we should drive back there and check this out". It's almost as wonderful as the trail around the lake at Montour Preserve. It's secluded, it's quiet, it's wooded, and the path is really well maintained. It has beautiful views. And best of all, dogs are welcome!

There is a porta potty here, and two large soccer fields, along with a very nice paved parking lot.  There's another large field to the left of the trail head, that looks like it could eventually be another soccer field - or even a baseball field.  Right now it is just grass.  


In all the times we've been here, I've never seen anyone else here.  There's a water bottle sitting by the sign, so I am sure this area IS used, just never at the times we have stopped by.

The path is wide, and gravel.  It's very nice to walk on. This is not a flat trail - there are lots of small hills.  It is currently one of my very favorite places to walk!

I believe that both loops combined end up being about a 3/4 of a mile walk, but I haven't measured it accurately to be sure.  


During your time at the East Branch Recreation Area,
we ask that you observe some simple rules so that other visitors can also enjoy the area:
1. East Branch Recreation Area is open from dawn to dusk.
2. Alcohol and narcotics are prohibited.
3. Camping is not permitted.
4. Dogs must be leashed and under control at all times.
5. Please clean up after your pet.
6. Horses are permitted only in the parking area.
7. Snowmobiles and ATVs are prohibited.
8. Open fires are prohibited.
9. Please park only in designated areas.
10. Hunting, trapping and shooting are prohibited.
11.  Music must be kept at a volume that will not disturb others

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