Pop's Place - sub shop in Muncy Pa

Located at  458 N Main St, Muncy, PA 17756
It's on your left, as you are leaving town, headed towards the mall.
(Menu at the bottom of this post)

After taking our baby goats on their first outing (the library summer reading program) I rewarded my helpers with lunch out at a new to me restaurant.  We've had cheesesteaks from here before, take out, but I had never eaten in.

When we got cheesesteaks, in the garden, they had a different seasoning than I am used to.  It's not bad, it's just different.  When we ate in, I saw the full menu, and there are sooooo many ways to order cheesesteaks here.  I had heard, but didn't think to ask today, that the owner is a relative of one of the big cheesesteak stands in Philly.  They have a philly cheesesteak here - with cheese whiz and fried onions, but I have not tried it yet.  Nate had the chicken cheesesteak today, and that was really good too!

But today, I ordered a turkey club.  It was so, so very good!  A 6 inch is very filling!  We got 3 sandwiches, a large order of fries to share, and our bill was just $25!  The french fries here are the best around - fresh cut, extra crispy without being overdone.  The only thing missing is the heinz malt vinegar!

The restaurant is located on the side of the beer distributor building, but it's completely separate. Super casual diner setting.  It's small - but there was plenty of seating when we were in.

 There was a steady stream of customers the entire time we were there.  This place has been here for eight years, and we just ate there for the first time today.  But it will definitely, definitely not be our last visit - this is now one of my favorites!

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