Things To Do in the Valley in the summer 2016

I'm baffled when people tell me there is "nothing to do " in our area.  There's so much to do, that I can never do even a small fraction of everything I would like to do each week-end!  I do regular posts about events happening each week and month in the valley, but for this post, I'm just doing a quick overview of things that are almost always available for those of us who live right next to so many great resources, here in the Susquehanna Valley.

On The Water:

We not only have several lakes, but the Susquehanna River, right in our backyards.  If you have your own kayak, you are probably familiar with Montour Preserve, Lake Jean, and the various access points on the river.  I have information on some of our favorite kayaking trips here:

If you do not have your own kayak, you can still go kayaking this week-end!  Bics does a trip from the Milton Island to their site in Montandon, for $30.  That includes everything - shuttle, kayak, life jacket - everything you need.  And you end up at their river lot, with outdoor games, fire pits, and hammocks.  Canoe Susquehanna has more organized kayak trips in different locations as well - you can find their schedule here.

Looking for a bigger boat?  Rent jet skis, a pontoon boat, or a boat to water-ski behind, at Lake Augusta Outfitters, located at Shikellamy state park in Sunbury PA.

Or take a trip on the Hiawatha Riverboat!  They have regular tours, and special tours that include music, or make your own ice cream sundaes, or wing nights...

In The Water:

Would you rather be in the water than on it?  There's always half way dam of course, but if you don't mind a small hike, the haystacks are a fun place to visit.  There's also a swimming hole on white deer creek, but I am not sure of the exact location.  If you don't mind paying admission, Liberty Splashland in Northumberland sounds fun (I've never been there).  If you are looking for a community pool that is almost never crowded, and is often empty, check out the pool in Exchange PA.

How About A Cave Tour?
We have several near by!
Indian Echo Caverns, Woodword Cave, Penns Cave, and the Pioneer Tionel.

On the Trails:
We have so many gorgeous trails and places to walk around here.  Walk the trail at the Milton Island, take the historical walking tour in Milton, or at the Muncy Heritage Park and Nature trail.  Walk at the MARC East branch recreation area, or the lake trail around montour preserve.  There's a canal path in both Watsontown and Danville, and not far away we have the amazing Pine Creek Rail Trail - which is full of wildlife. Currently there's a bald eagles nest along the trail, and just this week someone posted photos of a bear swimming across the creek.

If you don't mind traveling a bit further, 7 Tubs Natural area is an interesting hike (an easy hike too.)

And of course there is Ricketts Glen.  I'd hike Ricketts Glen every week if I could!  The lake has a food stand open most of the summer, and you can rent kayaks and canoes there.  (Check - you USED to be able to rent kayaks and canoes there - I haven't done that in years)  And then there's the falls trail, which is just absolutely gorgeous, and I'm constantly amazed that it is so close to us!

From Adams Falls to Waters Meet at Ricketts Glen -

Ricketts Glen Falls Trail -

At The Park
Play disc golf at Lime Bluff
Try Geocaching

Or there's always Knoebels!  Free admission - even if you don't ride a thing, there are the bald eagles to see there, and the museum, and shows...

Or how about an Escape Room?  We have three in our area - Can U Xscape In Bloomsburg (our favorite!) Fantasty Escape in Lewisburg (they run great deals on groupon) and a newer one in Williamsport.

On A Bike
If you like to ride a bike, there are so many great places to go around here!  One of our favorites is to start at Indian Park in Montoursville, then bike to Brewsters for ice cream, on the bike path.  You can then backtrack a bit, and go on to pick up the river walk, which is a a beautiful path around the river.

Of course there's the Pine Creek Rail Trail, another of our favorites to bike, but a bit further away.

In Lewisburg there's the rail trail, and there's one in Berwick and  Danville too.

Some of our biking trips -

There's a great trip near Jim Thorpe, where you can take a TRAIN shuttle to the top of the hehigh gorge bike path, then bike back.  They load your bikes onto the train, you ride the train up, then bike back.  I can't wait to do this!! (We have biked the Lehigh Gorge, another absolutely gorgeous trip!)

Great Things To See

Lake Tobias can be fun, especially the Safari tour, and don't forget T&D's Cats Of The World!  I love T&D's.  The animals there are rescues. The tiger above is there, I took that picture.  It's simply gorgeous there.  And don't forget the Elk in benezette. You can see them there year round, although spring and fall are the best times I think.  We also have Clyde Peelings Reptile land with a really fun dinosaur exhibit, in Allenwood Pa.

We have SO many covered bridges in our area!  There's a covered bridge tour in Columbia County, and it's a beautiful drive.

And there are so, so many waterfalls!  Join the facebook group Pennsylvania Waterfalls, and you'll see so many gorgeous falls, with helpful hints on how to see them.

We also have The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, and while you are there, stop by Wellsboro to see the Wynken Blynken and Nod fountain, as well as shop and eat - it's a great little town.

Or Maybe You'd Like To Visit A Musuem?

If you enjoy history, be sure to check out the Taber House Museum in Williamsport, or the Packwood House In Lewisburg. I've been wanting to see the Jackson Mansion in Berwick.  There's the Joseph Priestly house in Northumberland, and fort agusta in Sunbury, and The Buggy Museum in Mifflingburg.  All of these often have events.

There's the train museum in both Milton, and in Williamsport (by the Taber House Museum).  In Lock Haven, there is a ming dynasty statue right outside of the library!  And the statues inside the front entrance of the James V. Brown library are also pretty amazing.  Our local colleges have art installations regularly, check out the Samek Art Museum at Bucknell in particular.

The pajama factory in Williamsport is such a fun place - I don't know how to categorize it.  Follow their facebook page to see all the great events, art shows, shows, and classes they offer.  It's such a great use of the old factory, and there is almost always something fun going on there!

Are You A Baseball Fan?
We have both minor league baseball games at Bowman field in Williamsport, and the Little League World series is held here each August.  We also have the Little League World Series Musuem.

Is Live Music More Your Thing?
Check out the local wineries, like Fero in Lewisburg, they have live music most week-ends.  As does the Brickyard in Williamsport, Riverside Campground in Montgomery.  Be sure to follow your favorite local bands and venues on facebook.  This week-end there's a Billtown Blues event - there are a lot of Billtown Blues events throughout the summer as well.

Looking For A Good Place To Eat?
We have LOTS of options!  I keep a list of our "places to try", along with our favorites, here:

How about a Road Trip?
9 cheap road trips -

Just a few of the many annual festivals around us:

Carnivals in 2017

And don't forget the farmers markets!  Some of them are full festivals in and of themselves.  The one in Williamsport often has horse drawn carriage rides.  I've not yet made it to the one in Mt Caramel, but their facebook page highlights fun stuff going on at theirs each week.