Our Kayak Trips

A Map of Boat Launches & Places to Kayak

Allenwood to Watsontown
1.5 hours

Most Monday nights throughout the summer I kayak with friends, GNO kayaking.  We put in at Allenwood, and get out at Watsontown.  It takes an hour to an hour and a half, tops.  Super simple stretch to paddle, great for beginners..  there is one big rock to watch out for, near the  lines with the orange balls on them overhead, but it's one rock in the middle of a pretty wide stretch, and when the water is high, you can go right over it.. it's only when the water is just skimming it that there is any real danger of flipping your kayak on it.  When the water is low, there are some sections where you may need to get stuck, but you can usually avoid them and find a deeper section to the side to get through.  (By deeper, I mean sometimes 4 inches of water instead of two...  but this is only in parts, not the entire stretch, and it's only when it has been really dry and the river is really low)

All river travel times are approximate - so much depends on how high the water is!

Montoursville to Muncy 9.86 Miles 2 hours, 37 Minutes

Montgomery To Watsontown 8 miles, 2.5 hours (3 in lower water)
http://susquehannavalley.blogspot.com/2012/09/on-river-92712.html in Sept 2012

Milton to Lewisburg For the Fireworks
5.5 miles, 1.5 hours (but plan on 2 hours to be safe)
Always remember that the river is much wider on this stretch - even if the water seems to be moving pretty fast by the Milton State park, it will likely slow down to almost a lake right beyond the island, where the river widens.

Various Spots on the Susquehanna River

Montour Preserve: