Things To Do

For more events, and attractions, be sure to check out the Susquehanna Valley VIsitors Bureau, and sign up for their weekly newsletter of upcoming events.

Play Disc (frisbee) golf at Lime Bluff

Ride the Hiawatha

Lincoln Caverns

Woodward Cave

Penns Cave

Pioneer Tunnel & Coal Mine


Silfer House in Lewisburg PA

Packwood House in Lewisburg Pa

Joseph Priestly House in Northumberland Pa
Mooreseburg One Room Schoolhouse, Mooresburg PA

Little League World Series Museum in Williamsport

Amusement Parks & Zoos

Hershey Park

Lake Tobias

T&D Cats Of The World

Sights To See

PA Grand Canyon

One Room School Houses: 

The Millersburg Ferry

Centralia - the town that is on fire

Take a Trolley to see historic sites in the Selinsgrove area
Rickett's Glen Falls Trail


Little League World Series

Hershey Bears

Antique Stores To Browse

Rolling Mills, Lewsburg Pa

The Olde Barn Center, Muncy Pa

The Antique Trunk, Muncy Pa
Small, and expensive, it feels a lot like visiting a museum