Thrift & Consignment Stores

Consignment Stores

Charlene's Classic Castaways, Muncy PA
This is where almost all of my clothes come from.  GOOD brands, great quality, cheap prices!
(Primarily women's clothes, including plus sizes)

Abloom Botique, Pennsdale Pa
(on the road between the mall and Hughesville)
Primarily childrens clothes, but she has a small room of womens clothing, including some plus sizes, and a nice selection of Lia Sophia jewelry and name brand pocketbooks

The Downtown Exchange, Milton PA
7 Broadway, Milton Pa
mainly childrens clothing, but some great jewelry too

Thrift Stores

Turbotville Country Closet
4800 State Route 54, Turbotville Pa (right across from Turkey Hill)
This place is expanding, and they have great sales and specials.  Be sure to like them on facebook for updates on the sales
my pic of their old location - they have since moved to a bigger building, and have been building on to the new building

There are 4 in Milton PA:

Salvation Army Store - TINY place, but the prices are so cheap.
I think it is on Locust St, Milton Pa..  take Lincoln, from Broadway, and you will see it on your left before Lincoln meets back up with N. Front street.  (N. Front and Lincoln are both one way streets until they merge to be Front st, heading towards Watsontown)

 American Rescue Workers
122 Maple Ave.,Milton,PA 17847

Crossroads Thrift Center
located in the Crossroads Church of the Nazarene, 71 Nazarene Lane, Milton Pa (it's right outside of Montandon on 54)

Huff's (so overpriced that you may think some of the items are tagged incorrectly.)

In Lewisburg

The Church On The Hill Thrift Center
Rt 15, 1 mile south of the red light at Bucknell, on the left
FABULOUS prices!

In Danville

Salvation Army
20 Mill St, Danville
Large store, not always the cleanest, but they usually have a great selection

Abigails Attic
295 Mill St, Danville
small, but NICE items

Good Will Store
this is a Bloom address, but it's right outside of Danville, by the Wal-mart
11 Frosty Valley Rd, Bloomsburg Pa
Large store, usually a good selection


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