The Eagles At Darling Run, Pine Creek Rail Trail

The gps coordinates for the Darling Run Parking Area are 41.73667, -77.42864
You can also use the map found here:

Most Sundays, from 10-4,  during "eagle season" this wonderfully informative man sits along the path, with binoculars and a telescope.  Without him, I'm not sure we would have spotted the eagle in her nest.  Even with the long lens on my camera, I did not get anywhere near the clear view of her that we had through his telescope.

After parking, walk down to the path and turn right, going north on the path.  You will go a very short distance, as the path turns the corner, the eagles nest is across the creek, up in a pine tree.  Look for a speck of white.  

There are two babies in the nest this year, I look forward to going back and watching them grow.  They will leave the nest at around 10-12 weeks of age.

Linda Stager has posted some amazing photos of the eagles on the Pine Creek Rail Trail facebook group -