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The Civil War Monument At The Stone Church, Montgomery Pa

The Civil War Monument at the Christ Lutheran  Stone Church
Erected in 1902

OF 1861 & 1865.  THEIR COUNTRY

J. Burd
E. A. Wenrich
J. Heively
W.H. Yost
C.A. Yost
W. Houser
S. Taylor

J. E. Burd
James E. Burd 1842-1864
Farmer in Lycoming County Pa, Enlisted at Milton.
Private in Co K. 5th Calvary.  Became a Corporal in 1862.
Captured at Stoney Creek VA 6/29/64.  Died at Andersonville GA

I Keefer
W. Maffet
D. Steiber
O. Bailey

Note - Normally I am pretty good at tracking down basic information about veterans, but for some reason, I can find almost nothing about the men listed on this stone.  Perhaps I am having a ban night.  I'm really not certain - but I'll leave this year and come back to it another time.

Last NameFirst nameDate of birthDate of deathAgeInscription/Comments
ArbuckleAndrew Feb. 9 185993y 
ArbuckleMargaret Jun. ?, 185073ywife of Andrew
BakerAnna M.19081909  
BakerEdward H.18851931  
BakerElmer H.1916   
BakerInfant May 6, 18506 wksdau of Jacob & Margaret
BakerMaria A.18861965 wife of Edward
BarletHenrietNov. 5, 1830Oct. 1, 187948y 11m 6d 
BarletSamuel B.Oct. 14, 1818Feb. 4, 189576y 3m 20d 
BarletSolomon T. Sep. 23, 18679y 24dson of Samuel & Henriet
BarlettJoseph C.18421913  
BarlettLester R.Dec. 10, 1892Dec. 17, 1918  
BarlettSarah A.18521925 wife; same marker Joseph C.
BartoAdam A.18831884  
BartoEdward E.18801881  
BastianBruce S.18911892  
BastianCatherineApr. 13, 1831May 8, 1876 wife of John C.
BastianCharles M.18811941  
BastianErman C.18931893  
BastianHannah18821942 same marker as Charles M.
BastianJohn C., M.D.Mar. 22, 1818Jun. 10, 1895  
BastianRosanna18561943 wife of Sylvester
BastianWilliam K.18681928  
BearElizabeth Jan. 17, 184232y 8m 25dwife of Ely
BearMaria Apr. 20, 184223ywife of Ely
BergerMilton Jul. 23, 188525y 8m 25d 
BergerRosanna E. Sep. 6, 188326y 3m 3dwife of Milton
BlackBaby Jul. 20, 1944 girl stillborn
BlackInfant Jul. 4, 1832(?)  
BomboyElizabeth E. PysherSep. 28, 1870Mar. 10, 1918 wife of Boyd G.
BondJacobMay 20, 1825May 23, 1896  
BoyerAnna MargaretAug. 22, 1801Nov. 11, 188180y 2m 19d 
BradyLydia WagenhurstSep. 30, 1848Dec. 30, 187123y 3mwife of Armstrong
BreonCharlesMar. 18, 1821Jan. 23, 189270y 10m 5d 
BreonRebecca18281905 wife of Charles
BrownCharles Sep. 1, 183380y 5m 21d 
BrownClara M.18871957  
BrownJamesJul. 27 1821Jun. 24, 1823 son of Samuel & Nancy
BrownJohn Jan. 30, 181879y 
BrownMargaret Jan. 24, 180149ywife of John
BrownWilliam Jan. 20, 183176y 
BrownWilliam E.18901935 Loyal Order of Moose
BuckHenry E.Feb. 28, 1881  (date underground)
BuckMargaret18591939 Mother
BuckWilliam N.18531922 Father
CampbellJoseph L.19091936 Son
ColderWilliam Archie Nov. 18, 18842y 20dson of J.D. & L.B.
CookWilliam Jan. 20, 183127y 
CorleBenjamin Aug. 4, 18412y 1m 22dson of B. & L.
CorleRebecca Oct. 4, 18378m 13ddau of B. & L.
CrawfordTreon S.18821944  
CutterRobert   War of 1812 marker; Montgomery's Pa. Mil.
DavisGeorge O.18581928  
DavisRebecca E.18581928  
DeckerLuther M.Jul. 13 1879Jan. 24, 1883  
DelaneyOliver D. Aug. 13, 1899 His wife Sarah Frances & children, Johnny W., Olive F. & Florence H. The wife and three children met death at the hand of William Hummel, the second husband Nov. 16 1899
DietterichOlive Maud Dec. 23, 18842y 27ddau of Rev. H.A. & T.E.
DietterichRev. H.A. Mar. 22, 189960y 11m 1d 
DietterichTamer E.18411924 wife of H.A.
EasonArch'd   Revolutionary War Marker; Jansmeller's Pa. Mil.
EberlyRebecca Sep. 30, 185516y 3m 9ddau of Frederick & Catherine
EdsonJohn Scout   Revolutionary War marker
EdwardsRosanna Nov. 17, 186823y 6m 17dwife of Josiah B.
EdwardsWillie Apr. 6, 18725y 10m 22dson of J.B. & R.
EgbertMargaret J. Oct. 9, 190062y 4m 24dOur mother
EgliSarah Shoemaker18651944  
ElliottCatherine L. Sep. 11, 185722y 10mdau of C. & L.
ElliottDaughterMay 14, 1935Jul. 29, 1935  
ElliottLydia E. Apr. 16, 185716y 7m 29d 
EverlyAndrew F.Jan. 23 1834Jan. 20 187944y 11m 28dCivil War marker
EverlyCatherine Aug. 25, 185542y 11m 20d 
EverlyCatherineJan. 30, 1866Jul. 16, 1866 dau of John & Sarah
EverlyFrederick Jun. 30, 185417y 9m 27dson of Frederick & Catherine
EverlyFrederick Sep. 13, 187068y 
EverlyKate C.18491938  
EverlyRobert K.18551936  
EverlyThompson B. Dec. 25, 186522y 4mCivil War marker; Co. K 2nd Regt. PA Cav.
EyerlyJohn18351910 Father
EyerlySarah A.18421911 Mother; wife of John
FarleyAlfaretta18741942 (This is an index card size plaque not headstone)
FarleySamuel S. Nov. 22, 187428y 5m 10d 
FarleySarahMar. 5, 1835Jul. 1, 1922  
FarleySarah A.Mar. 5, 1835Jul. 1, 1902 wife of William; same marker as William
FarleyWilliamApr. 8, 1826Aug. 10, 1894  
ForesmanCatherine Jan. 7, 183162ywife of Robert
ForesmanMary Mar. 23, 183128ywife of John
ForesmanMary A.17741827  
ForesmanRobert Mar. 26, 183350y 
ForesmanRobert Dec. 9, 182969y 
ForesmanSamuel17551825 Revolutionary War Marker; 5th Bn. PA Mil.; Pvt.
HafletAdaline Shaffer18941918  
HammondJames Feb. 20, 1831?3y 4mRevolutionary War Marker; Pa. Mil.; Pvt.
HammondMary Dec. 19, 182763y 11m 2dconsort of James
HarmanCharles A. Mar. 8, 18725y 1m 20dson of Eli & Lydia; same marker as William H.
HarmanCharles S.18261914  
HarmanDale Wilson Aug. 29, 18613y 8dson of Eli & Lydia
HarmanElizabeth18381928 wife of Charles S.; same marker as Charles S.
HarmanHarriet M.18791920 same marker as Charles S.
HarmanInfant 1914 dau of G.L. & Jennie
HarmanWilliam H. Nov. 4, 18718y 11m 28d 
HillBertha Dec. 19, 18764m 7ddau of J. & S.
HillJosephJan. 17, 1837Aug. 28, 1911 Civil War marker
HillSusanJan. 12, 1836Jul. 16, 1926 wife of Joseph; same marker as Joseph
HineInfant 1899 dau of S.A. & C.
HivelyEmma Houser18831943 wife of Harry F.
Houser????? Nov. ?, 1854?y 5mson of B. & L.
HouserA. Rosella Feb. 21, 18694y 6ddau of F. & V.
HouserEmma N.18501904 wife of Jerry; same marker as Jerry
HouserHannahMay 13, 1860Sep. 30, 1907 Mother; wife of John W.
HouserI. Myrtle Feb. 21, 18698m 8ddau of F. & V.
HouserReuben Nov. 5, 188277y 7m 26d 
HulingJno.   Revolutionary War Marker; Capt. 2 PA Mil.
HulsizerCharlesOct. 23, 1852Nov. 23, 1936  
HulsizerClarenceMar. 31, 1902Jan. 22, 1906 son of Charles & Lydia
HulsizerLydiaJul. 27, 1856Feb. 15, 1939 wife of Charles
HuntingtonCatherine E. Jul. 26, 185820y 6m 19dwife of Samuel
IrwinMary Mar. 24, 182761ywife of Mathew
IrwinMathew Oct. 23, 183082y 
IrwinSarah Jan. 3, 182929y 0m 23dwife of James
JarrettChristeanOct. 10, 1816Aug. 1892  
JarrettHenry Oct. 18, 18641y 7m 12dson of Solomon & Christean
JarrettInfant Nov. 4, 18641ddau of Isaac & Margaret
JarrettInfant 18?? dau of Solomon & Christean
JarrettInfant 1913 son of W.S. & P.W.
JarrettIsaacMay 25, 1824Dec. 10, 1864  
JarrettIsaac P.Mar. 10, 1856Oct. 31, 1898  
JarrettJohn Jacob Mar. ?, 1845  
JarrettMargaretJun. 7, 1826Oct. 28, 1900 wife of Isaac; same marker as Isaac
JarrettSolomonNov. 23 1818Mar. 31, 1899  
JarrettWilliam IsaacFeb. 23, 1858Sep. 28, 1878  
JohnsonA. William18631938  
JohnsonRuby C.18591937  
KannanWilliam M. Oct. 9, 181029y 3m 18d 
KeeferDaniel Apr. 3, 188855y 1m 
KeeferDaniel W. Aug. 1, 18884y 10m 4dson of H.J. & S
KeeferJoseph W. May 16, 190135y 6m 20dson of D. & M.; same marker as Daniel
KeeferMary Oct. 20, 188363y 5m 3dwife of of Daniel; same marker as Daniel
KeeferReuben Apr. 16, 18673m 16dson of H.J. & S.
KeeferSavilla Mar. 28, 189834y 11m 15ddau of D. & M.; same marker as Daniel
KeiferHenry   Civil War marker; Co. H Pa. Inf.
KelleyAnna M. June 3, 186670y 9m 7dwife of John
KelleyCatherine18401911 wife of Charles; same marker as Charles J.
KelleyCharles J.18301916 Civil War marker
KelleyInfant 1870 daughter
KelleyJohn June 15, 186880y 9m 23d 
KennadaSara H. Sep. 24, 184135y 6m 29dwife of John
KlineDulcinda Shook18511917 wife of John D.
KlineJohn D.18341913 Civil War marker; Co. E 74th Inf. Pa. Vols.
KochBarry   Civil War marker; Co. B 47th Pa. Inf.
KuhnsClyde L.    
KuhnsDaniel Alexander Mar. 6 18693y 3m 8dson of Levi & Mary Ann
KuhnsLouisa J. Apr. 7, 187215y 9m 11dson of Levi & Mary Ann
KuhnsRobert L.Sep. 13, 1900Mar. 15, 1901 son of E.L. & A.J.
LoschDorothyJul. 6, 1898Mar. 8, 1900 dau of M.B. & A.W.
LoschMary B.18731922 wife of A.W.
MartzBeverly E.19341937 Daughter
MartzClarence18921961 WWI marker; Btry D 107 F.A. 28 Div.; PFC
MartzClarence E.19301937 Son
MartzHelen R.19031967  
MartzLawrence E.19301937  
McCormickElizabeth May 8, 183475yconsort of Thomas
McCormickHannah Hammond17831868  
McCormickJames May 20, 183173y 4mRevolutionary War Marker; Co I 5th PA Mil.; Sgt.
McCormickMargaret Simmons17811835 wife of Seth
McCormickSeth Jan. 17, 183578y 10m 1d 
McCormickSethMar. 9, 1789Dec. 20, 182132y 9m 11dson of Seth & Margaret
McCormickThomas Feb. 5, 181826y 7m 15d 
McCormickThomas Oct. 6, 182672y 
McCurdyElizabeth Oct. 1, 182938y 
MillerClifford D.19051937  
MillerInfant   dau of Homer & Nola
MooreHarvey1777Sep. 23, 184770y 
MooreWilliam1774Jul. 28, 1844  
MorehartCharles W. May 20, 18781y 4m 20dson of Adam & M.E.
MorehartDavid18381916 Civil War marker; Co. H 5th PA. Reg.
MorehartElizabeth Jul. 25, 186327y 5m 14ddau of J. & S.
MorehartGeorge Sep. 11, 18455y 11m 25dson of J. & S.
MorehartHannah Jul. 24, 18541y 24ddau of J. & S.
MorehartInfant Sep. 6, 18832dchildren of John & Sarah A.
MorehartJacob Jan. 31, 184958y 5m 27d 
MorehartJohn   Civil War marker; Co. K 5th PA Cav.
MorehartJoseph F. May 20, 18743mson of Adam & M.E.
MorehartLeviMay 29, 1865Feb. 20, 1866 son of J. & S.A.
MorehartSarah AnnFeb. 14, 1843Oct. 11, 1920  
MorehartSusan E.18471917 wife of David
Morehart   Twin Infants of Adam & M.E.
NeeldColeman Dec. 27, 1867 son of W.J. & M.J.
NeeldEmma Jul. 15, 1872 dau of W.J. & M.J.; same marker as Colman
NeeldEvilineFeb. 28, 1868Nov. 5, 1868 dau of W.J. & M.J.; same marker as Colman
NeeldRosanna J.Sep. 27, 1861Jul. 30, 1863 dau of W.J. & M.J.; same marker as Colman
NewtonForrest B.May 9, 1909Sep. 12, 1909  
NewtonLyman H.   Civil War marker; Co. 48th Iowa Cav.; 2Lt.
OakesFlower Apr. 11, 181947y 
OakesHugh D. Sep. 1, 184330y 10m 9d 
OakesThomas M. Oct. 9, 183023y 
PiatteCol. John Jan. 19, 182831y 10m 11d 
PiatteElizabeth June 21, 1834 wife of John
PiatteJohn Mar. 10, 182356y 
PiatteMary Mar. 10, 185359y 7m 13dwife of Col. John
PiatteNancy M. Jul. 18, 183911y 11m 5d 
PysherJohn A.18471937  
PysherSarah Jane Shaffer18531913 wife of John
ReedMagdalen Apr. 10, 187255y 10m 27d 
ReeserEdward T.18811934  
ReeserMary L.18491915 wife of Peter F.
ReeserPeter F.18471919 Civil War marker
RyanPatrick   Co. M 3rd Regt. PHA
SearlesAnna D.18801942 same marker as Robert, Jr.
SearlesDaniel18711939 same marker as Robert, Jr.
SearlesMyrtle W.19011968 same marker as Richard
SearlesRichard   Civil War marker; Co. H 2nd PA Cav.
SearlesRobert J.19021978 same marker as Richard
SearlesRobert Jr. 1930 Son
SechlerLydia May 17, 185340y 2m 30dwife of David
SedamJane Mary Oct. 13, 18568y 9m 24ddau of S.T. & L.A.
ShaferJno.   War of 1812 marker; Kirchbaum's PA Mil.
ShafferAbigail Jan. 18, 1864 wife of John
ShafferAdeline Haflet18941918  
ShafferBenjamin Jan. ??, 18396y (?) 29dson of Christian & Maria(?)
ShafferCorneliusMay 10, 1827Feb. 3, 1891  
ShafferDaniel Apr. 17, 185116y 9m 4dson of Christian & Maria(?)
ShafferElizabeth Mar. 13, 187774y 2m 5dMother
ShafferGeo.   War of 1812 Marker; Pa. Mil.; Cpl.
ShafferGeorge   Revolutionary War marker; PA Mil.; Sgt.
ShafferGeorge May 21(?) 18367y 
ShafferGeorge WashingtonFeb. 9, 1836Aug. 18, 1913  
ShafferIda D.18661951 wife of Sherman; buried in Muncy Cemetery; same marker as W. Sherman
ShafferIda MayFeb. 24, 1862Feb. 15, 1871  
ShafferInfant   dau of J. Calvin & Savilla; same marker as J. Calvin
ShafferInfant   son of J. Calvin & Savilla; same marker as J. Calvin
ShafferJ. Calvin18561916  
ShafferJ. Warren18601936  
ShafferJacob Apr. 22, 18??68y 10m 29d 
ShafferJohn Apr. 17, 186752y 8m 11d?Civil War marker; Father
ShafferJohn H.Nov. 9, 1854Jan. 10, 1855 son of Cornelius & Mary
ShafferJohn, Esq. Jun. 25, 185771y 4m 
ShafferJoseph Clyde18921935  
ShafferJoseph M. Mar. 28, 185126y 6m 8dson of John & Abigail
ShafferLaura PiattJan. 8, 1875Aug. 30, 1880  
ShafferLydia E. Aug. 15, 185716y 7m 29d 
ShafferMargaretApr. 3, 1829Jun. 26, 1857 wife of Robert
ShafferMargaret Ann Jun. 18325ydau of Samuel & Elizabeth
ShafferMarySep. 11, 1832Jan. 2, 1878 wife of Cornelius; same marker as Cornelius
ShafferMary E.18411856  
ShafferMary E. May 20, 185015y 3m 20ddau of J. & Sarah
ShafferMary JaneDec. 10, 1840Mar. 7, 1900 wife of George
ShafferNancy Knox18641943  
ShafferRobertAug. 26, 1822Mar. 29, 1912  
ShafferSamuel P. Oct. 6,, 18482y(or 7y) 25dson of Christian & Maria
ShafferSarah J. Feb. 4, 189369y 10m 10dwife of John
ShafferSarah J.Oct. 19, 1864Feb. 22, 1865 dau of Cornelius & Mary
ShafferSavilla18611925 wife of J. Calvin; same marker as J. Calvin
ShafferSusannah Jul. 27, 18377y 
ShafferW. Sherman18661903  
SherkJohn D.Mar. 5, 1867Dec. 10, 1877  
SherkLidia A. Apr. 30, 18813y 10m 13d 
SherkMagdalenApr. 16, 1845Mar. 16, 1899 wife of Wilson
SherkSarah M. Apr. 30, 1873(?)2y(?) 1m 5d(?)dau of W. & M.
SherkWilson   Civil War marker; Co. E 5th PA. Cav.
ShickLaura M.Sep. 10, 1873May 3, 189218y 8m 29ddau of Peter & Nancy
ShnyderHanna WilliamsApr. 6, 1827Feb. 5, 188355y 10mwife of Peter K.
ShnyderMary M. Apr. 18, 186517y 2mdau of Peter & Hannah
ShoemakerInfant   dau of S.S. & L.
ShoemakerSamuel S.Sep. 6, 1846Mar. 14, 1913  
SillymanJane   dau of Thomas & Margaret; same marker as Thomas
SillymanMargaret   wife of Thomas; same marker as Thomas
SillymanMary Oct. 9, 183039ywife of Thomas
SillymanThomas   son of Thomas & Margaret; same marker as Thomas
SimmsAlex   Revolutionary War marker; PA Mil.
SimplerDavid W.18401912  
SimplerNancy E.18481915 wife of David W.; same marker as David W.
SmithFredy A. Aug. 5, 18771y 5m 
SmithJacob   Revolutionary War marker; PA Mil.
SnyderDora M.18841898  
SnyderEmma C.18621922 wife of McCall
SoutherlandLieut. Joel B.   War of 1812 marker; 1 PA Rifles
SpongClara M.187619-- wife of William
SpongWilliam H.18591922  
StroussGeorge W. Sep. 10, 185611y 11m 13dson of Charles & Eliza
TateFanny1751Nov. 15, 1834 wife of John
TateIsabella1775Apr. 23, 1821 wife of William
TateJohn1740Feb. 23, 1826  
TenbrookJno.   Revolutionary War marker
ThornesKatherine Aug. 18, 18972mdau of T. & M.
UlrichEva U.19031984 same marker as Leo E.
UlrichLeo E.18991973  
VartzElizabeth Apr. 28, 189978y 7m 1d 
VartzHannah M. May 18, 189945y 1m 2d 
VartzJohn H. Feb. 2, 190287y 10m 2d 
VartzMeckly Feb. 188018y 
WagenhurstCharles Mar. 2, 185819yson of C. & R.
WagenhurstCharles Jan. 25, 185845y 11m 
WagenhurstJulia Feb. 18, 185810y 9m 5ddau of Charles & Rebecca
WagenhurstRebeccaOct. 12, 1811Apr. 15, 1901 wife of Charles
WagenhurstSimon Jan. 23, 186523y 4m 28dCivil War marker; son of Charles & Rebecca
WaltersDaniel H.Mar. 5, 1837Dec. 30, 1913 Civil War marker; Co. D 177th Regt. PA
WaltersLydiaJune 27, 1834Apr. 2, 188853y 9m 5dwife of Daniel H.
WaltersOliveMar. 17, 1866Sep. 26, 188014y 6m 10ddau of D.H. & L.
WaltmanClarenceJan. 22, 1901Mar. 19, 1901 son of B. H.M.
WaltmanCol. Brooks18711942 Father
WaltmanDavid P.18461925 Civil War marker; Father
WaltmanHattie18761877 Daughter
WaltmanHettie A.18481888 Mother
WaltmanInfant Feb. 10, 1908 son of N. & R.E.
WaltmanJohn Sep. 11, 186580y 6m 
WaltmanMary H.Jul. 6, 1820Mar. 26 189271y 8m 20dwife of Valentine
WaltmanNormanDec. 6, 1907Feb. 17, 1908 son of C.B. & R.E.
WaltmanPeter Dec. 11, 185136y 8m 20d 
WaltmanRose E.18721922  
WaltmanRose E.18771934  
WaltmanSarah Jane 1936 dau of K.I. & D.R.
WaltmanValentine Sep. 20, 186618y 3m 1dson of P. & M.
WaltmanValentineNov. 23, 1821Feb. 1, 1900 Civil War marker; Co. K 5th PA Cav.
WaltmanWillis N.Mar. 22, 1903Dec. 15, 1903 son of B. & H.M.
WebbBenjamin Sr.18201910  
WebbIsaiah Jan. 18, 186821y 9m 20d 
WebbSara M.Dec. 25, 1855Oct. 29, 1878 wife of B. Jr.
WeeksJessie   Revolutionary War Marker; PA Mil.; Ensign
WencelAndrew S. Jul. 29, 18422y 2m 6dS. son of J. & M.
WencelMaryDec. 22, 1799Oct. 16, 184444y 9m 25dwife of John L.
WenzelHannah Mar. 2, 187?59y 11m 10dwife of John L.
WertmanBarbara A.Sep. 24, 1836Aug. 5, 189559y 10m 11dwife of Daniel S.
WertmanD. Hyman18971923  
WertmanDaniel S. Jan. 19, 188659y 1m 2d 
WertmanElla Marie190219?? wife of D. Hyman; same marker as D. Hyman
WertmanInfant   dau of W.J. & M.
WertmanMary E.Feb. 3, 1862Jul. 29, 1936 Mother; same marker as Oliver P.
WertmanMax F.Apr. 3?, 1926Apr. 28, 1926 son of W.C. & L.E.
WertmanOliver P.Dec. 15, 1861May 10, 1940 Father
WintersRuth E.Dec. 30, 1910Mar. 17, 1911  
ZerbeDora C.Aug. 19, 1864Dec. 10, 1880  
ZerbePeter M.Sep. 16, 1865Mar. 22, 1882  
ZerbeSusan A.Jun. 21, 1867Dec. 19, 1880  
ZimmermanJohn May 4, 187372y 4m 24dCivil War marker
ZimmermanSarah Oct. 15, 189491y 10m 13dwife of John