Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Eyers Grove Mill

Eyers Grove is located along Fishing Creek in Columbia County, about 2 miles south of Millville Pa.

1876 map showing the location of the mill


In a 1922 directory of Mills, Columbia Roller Mills was listed in Eyers Grove.  In a 1915 directory, it was listed as water powered.

Jay H. Demott purchased the Eyers Grove mill in 1928, operating it until 1956 when he sold it to his sons.

December 1953


Sunday, September 12, 2021

Walter L. Main Circus Train Wreck, Tyrone, PA, 1893

On May 30 1893,  A Circus Train Crashed Near Tyrone - Killing 7, wounding 19, and releasing Lions, Tigers, Apes and Elephants throughout the area.

Wait a Minute – let me see
Yes, Decoration Day 1893
Just 50 years ago that would be
It’s the date of the wreck of the Great Main Show
I was there so I guess I ought to know
5:30 in the morning it struck this blow
There were 7 good men all killed outright
I’ll never forget that awful sight
A hundred horses and animals died
30 cars went over the moun­tain side
The entire show was a tangled mess
I never saw the like I must confess
Frank Train our Treasurer died in the smash
He sold the tickets and handled the cash
Those men all died right where they lay
Never even had a chance to pray
It was the saddest event of my life I know
That terrible Wreck of the Great Main Show.
- Archie Royer, Principal Clown in the 1893 Circus

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Childs Park Waterfall


Falls on Dingaman's Creek in Childs Park, 1919

The Only Dual Track Covered Bridge In Pennsylvania, Bloomsburg

1920 Postcard of the Only Double Track Bridge In Pennsylvania, Bloomsburg Pa

Early Photo Of Trolley At Bloomsburg, With Auto in Creek

This photo was shared on one of the local facebook groups for Columbia County Pa.
It's described as an automobile in Fishing Creek, across from what today is the entrance to the Bloomsburg Fair Grounds.

The Danville and Bloomsburg Trolley Company operated from 1903 - 1926.  I have not yet looked to see if there was another trolley company in the area, but those dates would be similar for most trolley lines in the area.  The car appears to be a very early model - My guess would be that this photo is no later than 1912.  But that is merely a guess.

That would put double track covered bridge to the right, in the photo above, and the accident to the right of the bridge in the photo below.
Read more about the bridge here:

A Hupmobile went over the embankment in 1928. That would fit the description of the car over the embankment here, but I am not completely certain.

 A Hupmobile sedan went over an embankment into Hemlock Creek and and Overland Whippet sedan was badly damaged in a rear end collision on the Bloomsburg-Danville road, near the double track bridge, Bloomsburg, last evening about 7:30 o'clock. The occupants of both machines escaped injury. According to police the Hupmobile was driven by B. H. Girton, Lock Haven and the Whippet by Miss Harriet Williams, Bloomsburg. Girton was the only occupant of his machine while Miss Williams was accompanied by her mother. Police said that both cars were traveling towards Danville. When the cars were about half way between the double track and the single track bridge the Hupmobile struck the Whippet sedan in the rear end and the Girton machine sheered to the left of the highway where it went over the embankment into the creek.

1911 Hupmobile

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Monday, September 6, 2021

Fatmen Vs Leanmen - The Charity Baseball Game in Selinsgrove

Fatmen Vs Leanmen, Selinsgrove 1898

"Fatmen and Leanmen assembled following their charity (town band) baseball game on the Susq Univ diamond (pre-Warner). The "Fats" captained by Charles Erdley bested the Kid Kessler led "Leans" by a score of 28 to 13, on September 23, 1898. The men wearing the stars are presumed to be the game's umpires."

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Train Hits Construction Truck, Almedia 1949

In  1949, a new "three lane highway connecting Bloomsburg to Briar Creek", route 11, was being constructed, alongside the railroad tracks.  On June 7th, one of the construction trucks was on the tracks when Locomotive 1199 of the Delaware Lackawanna & Western came through.  The locomotive, tender, and five cars collided with the construction truck.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Thrifty Tips For The Home, By Flo, 1924


In 1924, a regular column titled "Thrifty Tips For The Home, by Flo", ran in newspapers across the nation.  It appears to have only run that one year.  I've found them to be interesting reading. A separate column, Etiquette By Flo, ran under a nearly identical heading, on other weeks.

"This newspaper will publish "Thrifty Tips" in this form at regular intervals.  We suggest you clip this column and paste it in your recipe book."

May 8 1924

Vaseline Stains 
To remove vas line stains from wash material, soak a few minutes in wood alcohol. 

When you burn an article while ironing it, wet the material and rub cornstarch on the burned part. When dry, all traces of the burn will have disappeared

 Baked Potatoes
Before putting cold baked potatoes in the oven to heat them, try dipping them in hot water, then place in oven and warm through. They will taste like freshly baked potatoes. 

A little oil of peppermint placed around will soon drive mice away. 

When grease is spilled on the table, cover it at once with coarse salt. This prevents the grease sinking into the wood. 

Your nails 
Never use a knife or any sharp article to clean under the nails. This only roughens the surface, making it twice as easy for dirt to accumulate. An orange stick or nail file with a little wet cotton around the end is ideal. 

Glue may be removed by soaking parts stained in hot water and vinegar of equal parts.

 Lemon juice will remove spots from tan or brown shoes. Rub it well into the leather and apply brown polish. 

Bread Crumbs
 It is better to use bread crumbs when covering things to be fried. Cracker crumbs absorb the grease. 

Coat Collars 
Ammonia is excellent for cleaning coat collars. 

Painted Floors 
To make painted floors of linoleum shine, add one-half cup of sweet milk to the water.

 Yellow Clothes
 To whiten clothes that are yellow add a large spoonful of cream of tartar to the water. Put clothes in and let the water come to a boil. They will come out very white.

 Cotton Dresses 
When washing cotton dresses, always put salt into the water to prevent the color from running, about one tablespoon to a quart of water. Vinegar, added to the rinsing water in the same proportion, will brighten the colors.'

September 11, 1924

 A very fine polish for mahogany is made by mixing a table spoon of olive oil with a tea-spoonful of vinegar. After dusting well, apply the fluid with a piece of soft flannel. Then polish with a clean soft duster. 

 If pinch of cloves is added to cocoa when making a cake it will improve the flavor. 

Hair Brushes
If  hair brushes are washed with soda instead of soap, the bristles will remain stiff and white. Soap soften the bristles and does not clean as quickly as soda. 

 If you tea cups are badly stained:, try washing them in a mixture of salt and vinegar. It will remove all spots. 

The colored silk stockings that are so popular now sometimes look very faded after washing. To avoid fading, use one tablespoon of borax to each two quarts of warm water. Wash quickly and rinse thoroughly in clear water. Do not hang in the sun.

 If clothes are sprinkled with warm water instead of cold they will be ready to iron in a few moments. Roll them tightly in a damp towel and iron in ten or fifteen minutes. 

It is a good idea to keep a solution of alum and water bottled; in case of burns, etc. If applied at once, this solution will prevent blistering and also relieve pain quickly. 

White Stockings: 
If white silk stockings are washed and dried at night they will not turn yellow as quickly as they will if they are dried in the light. 

After cooking oatmeal the pan can be very easily cleaned by filling with very hot water. Empty the hot water and fill with cold The meal will fall away from the sides. 

To remove cakes from the tin try pacing it on a wet cloth for ten or fifteen minutes. The cake will come out without the aid of a knife and will not stick to the pan.

September 25, 1924

To prevent damp salt corroding the top of salt shakers heat paraffine and spread it inside the top. While the paraffine is cooling open the soles with a toothpick through which the salt will pass easily. 

Warm water and soap is the best thing to use in cleaning tiled floors. After drying well with a soft cloth, rub with a cloth which has been dampened with linseed oil. An old piece of silk is better than cotton material

 If you want potatoes to look snow white after they have been boiled, try this. Lay a piece of white cloth on top of them, before putting on the lid. You will be pleased! with the results.

If, instead of greasing your bread after taking it out of the oven, it is greased before baking, it will be much softer.

 To remove automobile grease, tar or any ordinary grease spot soak the material in gasoline and then wash with soap in the usual way.

When mixing mustard add a drop of salad oil to it. This will greatly improve the flavor and' it will mix more readily. 

When baking pies that are juicy, put a very thin layer of fine bread crumbs on the lower crust before putting in the fruit. This will prevent the juice soaking through.

Never wash lamp chimneys in soapy water. Hold the chimney over steam and polish with a cloth. Then rub with a cloth which has been sprinkled with powdered whiting.

 To remove iron rust put salt on the stain and squeeze a little lemon juice on it. Leave article in the sun. If it does come off the first time, repeat treatment. 

Instead of greasing a plate to prevent pies sticking, dust carefully with flour. The pie will slide out easily without the least difficulty.