Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Waterfalls & Swimming Holes Of Rock Run

Rock Run is a gorgeous area, full of deep swimming holes, with crystal clear, cold, water.
There are potholes, chutes, slides, and even three waterfalls.

This is a VERY rural area - with little to no cell phone service, and no stores or gas stations nearby.  

The solid rock channel here is worn smooth from the water flowing through.

Located above Ralston PA, about 40 Minutes north of Williamsport.
Your best bet for directions is to type Rock Run, Pa into google maps.

In many areas, the water is quite deep.  And very cold.

There are large parking areas across from both the Upper and Middle Falls.  It can be easy to miss the signs for the falls trails, but just look for the large parking areas on your left, the signs for the trails will then be on your right.

From there, a short steep walk downhill takes you almost right to the falls - they are pretty easy to get to, and hard to miss.

Upper Falls At Rock Run
41°31'20.1"N 76°54'22.9"W

Another view of the upper falls & the beautiful water here.

Middle Falls At Rock Run
41°31'02.0"N 76°54'46.3"W

Middle falls also has it's own large parking area, almost identical to upper falls.  Park, Cross the road, walk down.  

Another view of Middle Falls

This was the only spot all day where we ran into other people, although there were cars driving in and out all day - obviously lots of people were here, we just managed to be in different areas at all times.  There are a LOT of places to swim here, so it's possible, at least on a week day, to avoid other people by choosing another area to swim!  The two guys here were fishing, trying to catch a palomino trout that we could see hanging out under a ledge near here.

The Lower Falls At Rock Run
41°30'48.2"N 76°55'13.4"W

Lower Falls Also has a parking area and a trail. But from that trail, we did not see the falls! We found what I am pretty sure are the lower falls almost by accident.  Instead of parking in the large parking area, we parked in a small pull off on the right.  There as a white sign stating that the area is for day use only.  We walked down, crossed the creek (got our feet wet - no avoiding that - but we were swimming so it didn't matter) and then followed a well worn path down the creek.  The falls were just a short distance down the path.

There are so many great areas to see here - it's a beautiful place!


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