The Susquehanna Riverwalk

"A 4-mile paved path that serves as a bikeway/walkway, the walk loops along the levee system in the City of Williamsport, Borough of South Williamsport and Loyalsock Township with river crossings along the new Market Street Bridge and Maynard Street Bridge."
(the loop is 4 miles long, but from the parking area, it is a mile - still on paved path - from the start to the loop..  making this over 6 miles total, according to the gps, and the cardiotrainer app on my phone)
Our children use a cyberschool, so this May we were off to the Genetti in Williamsport for the PSSA's.  Of course one of our children had testing in the morning, and three had testing in the afternoon...  putting me in Williamsport all day, for several days.  Our first day there, Dan, Matt and I walked the riverwalk, thinking it was 4 miles long.  Uhm, no...  from the parking area, it is actually 6.3.  Or 6.5.  Depends on which day the gps was more accurate.  :-)
On Day two, Dan was back to work, so Matt and I loaded bikes on the bike rack and biked it.  This is a GREAT bike ride!  We had a blast!  We took the bikes back every time after that, although I walked it a couple more times too.
Later in the week I took the older kids, and two of their friends, and we walked the 4 mile loop, parking over in south williamsport, but I am still not sure it was "ok" to park where we did?  There is a small parking are right across the bridge, on the right - but I'm still not completely sure it was not a private parking area?  I've read they are working on creating more parking, apparently there have been problems with people parking on off ramps. and along the highway!
This is a beautiful walk - and a great path!  There are historical signs all around to tell you about the history of Williamsport, and the logging industry as well.

Below is the map, generated by the cardiotracking software I use on my phone - 

the red dot is our starting and ending point - it is located at Commerce Park Drive, there is a parking area there, and the trail begins from there.