Biking to Mifflinburg

We biked from Lewisburg to Mifflinburg and back today, on the Buffalo Rail Trail. What a beautiful day for a bike ride! See maps, and more about this trail here:

Ards Pumpkin Field, along the path

The leaves are a little beyond their peak, but still very pretty!

We rode into town to stop in at the thrift store (Mifflinburg has one of the best thrift stores for nice quality vintage and antique items, as well as a great selection of jewelry).  Stamm house is directly across the road, and these pumpkins outside lured me into the store.  What a great little shop!!  Candy (including gummy rootbeer worms!) Jones sodas (and Moxie!) and cracker jacks in the retro boxes!  She has the BEST selection of Halloween masks, and they were all around $5!

Mifflinburg is such a pretty town.

Something you don't see every day - a designated Horse and Buggy entrance, for the bank.

A cute little barn, seen from the bike path around Vicksburg