Monday, September 21, 2020

Why Everyone Needs A House Hippo

If you belong to any of the fun "Weird Second Hand Finds" facebook groups, you will soon see a lot of discussion and excitement over finding the perfect House Hippo.  A house hippo can be any hippo you bring into your home.  It can be ceramic, stone, or, as one lucky recent poster shared, uranium glass.  (Uranium glass glows under a black light, and is extremely collectible)

You can even purchase a House Hippo art print.

But what exactly is the origins of this House Hippo tradition?  You won't need an old newspaper for this one - it's recent enough that youtube will do.    In 1999, The Concerned Children's Advertisers released a 60 second advertisement as part of the Break The Fake campaign, with the intent of educating children about critical thinking in regards to advertising. 

 In other words, don't believe everything you see on tv.  

In the video, a house hippo is shown foraging for crumbs of peanut butter toast in a kitchen, escaping from a house cat, and making a nest.

The House Hippo Video:


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