Peregrine Falcons under the Muncy Bridge

There is a nest of Peregrine falcons under the Muncy Bridge.  There's a male and a female baby, already banded by the PA Game commission.  I couldn't see them on our kayak trip, but I could see one of the adults (the mom?  I don't know enough about birds to tell)

I heard they were there, through this post on facebook:

We loaded up the kayaks, and took a trip down the river.  The Muncy bridge is just a few feet from the boat launch.  You could probably walk out under here, the water is fairy low in many spots near here, but I wouldn't trust myself not to trip and drop my camera - I was safer in my kayak.  :-)

I read a report from the game commission that says there used to be a nest of peregrines on Montgomery Cliff, but it does not appear to have been used in a few years (2011 was the last, I believe?)  They are speculating that that pair has moved to this nearby bridge.

 There is another nest nearby at Montour Preserve, but high up on the stacks, and not really visible for most of us.