The Old City Hotel - Now The Hotel Edison

For some reason, I always thought of the Hotel Edison as a skeezy bar.  I have no idea where I got that idea, but it is very far from the truth.  It's very dated, yes, but in a wonderful way. Antique furniture and displays, a small museum in the foyer, and a general feel that this is how it could have looked in 1890.  Anyone thinking about hosting a murder mystery dinner should definitely check out this location, it's so perfect!
Menus & Specials are posted here:

The City Hotel was built by E.T. Drumheller in 1871. On July 4, 1883, it became the first building in the world to be illuminated using incandescent electric lights.

 "The Drumheller family owned the hotel into the 20th century, but on January 14, 1914, a fire destroyed a large portion of the building. The cause of the fire was never determined. After the fire, the family restored the building and changed its design and also added a fourth floor. The building had been known as the City Hotel for nearly 50 years, but in July 1922, Edison returned to Sunbury at the occasion of the city's Sesquicentennial and the dedication of a plaque at the entrance to the Edison Hotel." -

This was the $5 lunch special, one of them, the day we were there.  Just $5.  And it was good. They also have a lunch buffet that I did not see. 

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There is a history of the hotel here: