Anthracite Heritage Festival, Shamokin Pa

May 2017
This is a poor representation of how large this festival is - but it's all I got.  The festival is down both sides of the street, and it's a pretty long stretch.  

We made the trip to this festival on a whim, and were completely unprepared - I did not have my camera along, and my cell phone battery was almost dead, so even that was not much use.  The facebook group above has some great photos, that will show you a lot more about the event.

I'd compare this to the Milton Heritage Festival, but maybe a bit bigger.  We were surprised by how large of a festival it was, and how many things there were to do!  Wagon tours, carriage rides with a princess, North Shore train rides, trolley rides, cemetery tour, and much more!

There were booths to have caricatures done, a butterfly tent, the eclectic circus was there, along with many, many vendors and food stands.

The butterfly tent