On The Susquehanna River - in kayaks

and occasionally in a canoe.  We've been getting out on the river every chance we get, this summer.  It's so beautiful!  Low right now, but the kayaks have made it over even the super low spots between Allenwood and Watsontown, every time so far.  The water was much deeper near Winfield.  Another favorite spot, with less shallow areas, is from the Greevely boat launch in Montoursville. We've seen lots of heron, baby ducks, fish of course, and even a couple of bald eagles!

The water as smooth as glass, near the Greevly Boatl launch area in Montoursville PA.  (To make it even better, there is a GREAT bike path from here too!)

We were advised to never buy a potomac kayak.  But they were sooooo cheap on sale..  we bought one anyway.  It's great for our 12 year old, and works ok..  but boy, you do get what you pay for sometimes.  It's cheap.
Near the Watsontown River Bridge.  We like to put in in Allenwood, and float to the Watsontown park.  It's a great short stretch, so we can do it in shifts - two at a time (there are 6 of us, and we currently have only 2 kayaks)
Entrance to the Allenwood boat launching area.