Kayaking from Montoursville to Muncy

9.86 Miles
2 hours, 37 Minutes

We put in at Greevy Boat Launch and Kayaked to the Muncy Boat launch.  We were fortunate to have a teen available to drop us off, so we could just load up at the end and drive straight home - awesome!

To Get to Greevy Boat Launch:
From Broad St (the main st in Montoursville) cross the green bridge, turn left at the second red light, by the Super 8.  Follow Greevy Rd to the end, there will be a parking area and boat launch there.

To Get to the Muncy Boat Launch
From Water St (405) in Muncy, turn left right before crossing the bridge, onto Aquatic Rd.  The road ends at the boat launch parking lot.

This is one of my favorite longer trips.  The river is very wide through here, with lots of islands.  Around the islands you will hit lots of rapids.  Some were high enough to throw water into my kayak, and might, maybe, be classified as very low whitewater.  Between these stretches though, it is much like kayaking on a lake, this is a good work out, the river will not carry you quickly down, unless the water is high - early spring.

The Canal Wall

Around mile 8, 8.25, you will see the Muncy Canal wall along your left.

Learn more about the Muncy Canal here:

 We were fortunate to time this just right - we were out, kayaks loaded, and on our way home before the storm hit.  It was just starting to thunder here, about a mile from the Muncy Boat Launch.

When you can see the bridge, move to your left..  the boat launch is out of view, behind the small island of trees here on the left.  The launch is right before the bridge.