Kayaking to the Fence, from Milton

5 miles, 2 hours and 15 minutes
The water was low, and we played around a lot, plus stopped at the bridge for my mom to take our pics.  I honestly think this could be done in an hour and a half - 2 hours tops.  We put in at the Milton Island, and got out at the Fence.

Because of the fire on the railroad bridge in Lewisburg earlier this year, this sign is at the Milton Boat Launch.

Of all of our kayaking trips, this one had the most weird stuff in the water.  There was a port a potty most likely there from the last flood, we floated over a kitchen sink (yep, really!) and there were a couple of cement things like this sticking up out of the water.
Passing the sewer plant.

Along the bank on the left:
This stretch of the river is truly the most "interesting" of all of our trips.  There is a place before this spot with warning buoys all across the river.  We were not sure what the warning was, until we got right beside them, then we found ONE that told you there was a buried gas line under them.  It would have been helpful to have a more clear idea of what exactly the warning was sooner!
The river bridge is well marked with where to pass under, and where to avoid.

Pulling up on the bank at the Fence.  We left the truck at the edge of their parking lot, and told them we'd be back in kayaks, they were great about that.  They have a great area to pull the kayaks right up, and paths on each side to walk the kayaks back up to your vehicle, they are really set up well for this.  But if you prefer, there is a full boat launch about a mile down..  we could have parked there and got back in our kayaks after we ate, if we had had more time.