At Half Way Dam Today

We have a fresh air kid staying with us this week, so a trip to Half Way Dam was inevitable.  It's actually R.B. Winter State park now, but my gram grew up coming here to "Half Way Dam", and that's  what almost all the locals still call it.  

For directions, go here:
This is a free, public access, beach, so even on a week day, it's crowded by afternoon.  

It does not matter how hot it is, or how long the temps have been high,this water is ice cold.  Always.  Often families will bring a watermelon and put it in the creek across from the lake, to chill it.

 The cold water never bothers the kids for long..  and I admit that I didn't have any trouble swimming here today either.

 This is also one of the few sand beaches in the area.

The kids caught a salamander  -

It's a gorgeous area, with local trails and fishing areas, and camping, and an educational center..It's a great place to spend a day.