Columbia County Covered Bridge Tour #2 - South

Part two of a four part tour of the Covered Bridges Of Columbia County

We did this tour almost immediately following the Central Tour.  Because we knew this was going to be an extremely rural stretch, and after we completed it we planned to do two small hikes in the game lands (for the final stage geocaches), we decided to drive straight into Elysburg first, to use the bathrooms and grab a snack at Sheetz.

Johnson Covered Bridge 
N40 52.690 W76 29.000 
spans Mugser Run, a tributary of the South Branch of Roaring Creek in Cleveland Township. It is on Township Route 320 east of Knoebel's Grove Amusement Park. This bridge was constructed in 1882 by Daniel Stine for $799.00. Adam M. Johnson was a farmer in the area and also conducted a boot and shoe store near the site. .

To see all of the covered bridges in Columbia County, you need to also visit Knoebels Grove - there is a bridge on the grounds of the park, beside the carousel.  Knoebels was not open today (Feburary 22) and we've seen the bridge there dozens of times over the years

Paars Mill Covered Bridge
 N40 54.385 W76 28.362
 connecting Franklin and Cleveland Townships, spans the North Branch of Roaring Creek. F. L. Shuman constructed this bridge in 1866 for $1,275.00. In 1875, Washington Parr purchased the Willow Grove Grist Mill nearby, and it became better known as Parr's Mill.

This is what you see on the other side of the Parrs Mill bridge.  It appears the bridge is closed not because there is anything wrong with the bridge,but because there is nothing on the other side.  This would be a great spot for another twin covered bridge. :-)

Esther Furnace Covered Bridge 
N40 54.399 W76 27.586
 There is a huge camping field adjacent to this bridge if you decide to camp out. Built in 1881 by C. W. Eves, this bridge cost $1,044.75. It is named after the Esther iron smelting furnace built in 1817. It spans the North Branch of Roaring Creek.

I love the window in the Esther Furnace Bridge:

Davis Covered Bridge
 N40 54.592 W76 26.390
 The bridge spans the North Branch of Roaring Creek. It was built in 1875 by Daniel Kostenbauder at a cost of $1,248.00. In the late 1800s a Davis who lived on a nearby farm began repairs on the bridge, giving it his name.

Snyder Covered Bridge
 N40 54.080 W76 23.652
 Spanning the North Branch of Roaring Creek, the construction date, builder, and cost of this bridge are unknown. It is listed in the County Bridge Book as being near John Snyder's grist mill.


If you are geocaching, I recommend the following caches on your way to the finals for the Covered Bridge Central & Covered Bridge South.

The Ringer - Bell alongside the Rd in the middle of the woods

Final Cache For CB South

A Million Times Give Or Take - awesome view

Holy Cache

Final Cache For CB  Central 


Columbia County Covered Bridge Tour #1 - Central

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