Columbia County Covered Brige Tour #1- Central

Rupert Covered Bridge

Pennsylvania's third largest concentration of covered bridges can be found in Columbia County. Nineteen bridges are within the county, and four span the border between Columbia and Northumberland Counties. 

We visited these bridges as part of the Multicache Geocache found here:

Wanich Covered Bridge 
N41 02.377 W76 28.970
This bridge is located on Covered Bridge Road, off of Millville Rd, 
 George Russell built the 108 foot Wanich bridge in 1844 at a cost of $500.00. John Wanich was a farmer who resided nearby. The bridge crosses Little Fishing Creek.

If you are geocaching, this is one of the best covered bridge hides ever.  They put some work into this container,and it's really nice!

 Wagner Covered Bridge 
N40 59.908 W76 28.990
 no longer crossing water, this 62 foot bridge was relocated 10 miles to its present location. It was built in 1874 and originally crossed the North Branch of Roaring Creek.

Rupert Covered Bridge
 N40 58.859 W76 28.358 
costing $1,637.00, the Rupert bridge was built in 1847 by Jesse W. Beard. It was named after the nearby village, which was settled by Leonard Rupert in 1788. Rupert established a ferry across the river and his home became a popular stopping off place for travelers. It’s 185 feet span crosses Fishing Creek.

There's a really nice parking area for this bridge at the corner of Covered Bridge & Train Streets, as there is a rail to trail path here.  I don't know much about the path, we're looking forward to exploring that another day.  This bridge had the most traffic, even on a Monday morning, of any we visited this day. There was foot traffic, and a stead flow of vehicles, crossing this bridge the entire time we were there!

Hollingshead Covered Bridge 
N40 57.113 W76 26.864 
was built in 1851 by Peter Ent for a cost of $1,180.00. Henry Hollingshead owned a nearby mill. It spans Catawissa Creek and is 128 feet.

Many of the bridges are on the National Register of Historic Place

For the final stage of this geocache, after collecting all of the answers, we went straight to the South tour next, saw all of those bridges, THEN we went to the final stages of both of these caches.  They are both in the game lands to the west, and this seemed like the wisest route for us.

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