The Antique Hotel Minder Clock at the Pine Barn Inn

This Seth Thompson "Hotel Minder" clock hangs in the Pine Barn Inn. I found a sale listing for a similar clock that explains how it worked - "This clock could remind the hotel clerk for up to 84 rooms. There are a couple of dozen brass tokens with the room number stamped in. The 12 hour day is marked every fifteen minutes in the lower section. The clerk puts the room token on the desired time for that room. When that time arrives he can give the tokes to a bell man for wake up calls.

Our Sunday school class had breakfast at the Pine Barn Inn.  We were a LARGE group.  The food was fantastic, the service was great, and the atmosphere is incredible - they have kept the old barn walls inside.  It was very busy - I'd recommend reservations here. The pecan crusted french toast was a favorite with our group.  I had an omelet that was also VERY good.