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* Designates Our Favorites

  • *The Allenwood Cafe (rural family diner)
  • *Weavers Pizza (and ice cream!)
  • OIP

  • Fog & The Flame (GREAT coffee!)
  • *Turkey Hill Brewing Company
  • Incredible Popcorn (Not a restaurant, just a candy store - But a great place to find dessert to take home!)
  • Opening soon - Gramps! (Gram's in Lewisburg is opening a second location here)
  • Cherokee Tap Room 
  • *Woody's - they have an amazingly large menu, and everything we have tried has been great!
  • *The Iron Fork
  • *Galera Dos Mexican
  • *The Old Forge (order the soft pretzels!)
  • *The Pine Barn Inn
  • LT Evans (great steak,but didn't care for the sandwich & salad)
  • Whadda Pizza - Order a sweet sauce pizza with bacon for something different!  Yum!
  • *The Dewart Country Store (Warning - the coffee is instant) Great subs and wraps, very reasonably priced.  No indoor seating, but as long as the weather is nice, there is plenty of seating on the porch
  • *The Jerseytown Tavern
  • Cornerstone Kitchen (the cafe at the miller center)
  • OIP Buffet
  • Street Of Shops Cafe (I love their omelets)
  • Country Cupboard
  • *The Fence drive in
  • TasteCraft Great Little coffee shop!
  • *Gram's Eatery (My favorite restaurant in Lewisburg.  LOVE the food here!)
  • Mancini's Wood Fired Pizza
  • The Arrowhead (Dan loves this place, me, not so much.  It's mostly food I cook at home, other than the "pig in a blanket" they are famous for)
  • *Lisa's Milltown Deli
  • Marlin's Sub Shop
  • The Well Cafe (at Christ Wesleyan Church - limited menu, but great for long lunches with friends)
  • Fetters (Great Subs!)
  • Randalls West Branch Eatery (The new owners have really made this a cute place!  Great decor, simple good food, sandwiches, etc)
  • Subalicious 
  • The Italian Terrace (Brick oven pizza & 2 for $20 Italian meals!)
  • Ye Olde Meeting Place - Will be serving food again soon.
  • Speedys - now a no smoking restaurant, they recently added a deck and outdoor seating
  • Susquehanna Smokehouse (past montandon, out 405)

  • Thads (the godfather sub is a favorite for us)
  • Station House (A LOT of food, reasonably priced)
  • *Main Street Grill (My Favorite!!! BEST gyros around)
  • *Pops Place (best french fries, great subs, a real philly cheesesteak)
  • The Log Cabin Inn - sit down, family style, tavern type setting Check out the steak special at the Log Cabin Inn on Saturday nights.  It's a tremendous amount of GOOD food!  The steaks are huge.  Order them more cooked than you would normally order, because they are THICK.  Medium  is medium rare here.
  • Country Store Cafe - I LOVE their Thai Curry Pizza! 
  • The PA Chophouse has reopened - I'm not sure of it's name currently.  I believe it serves mostly pasta. 
Mt Pleasant Mills
  • *Cruisers Cafe - A Fantastic 50's Diner with tons of vintage items to see!
  • Front Street Station
  • Byerly's Bakery - every Friday and Saturday, get your doughnuts!
  • The Turbotville Hotel (We miss the half price burger night!  It was fantastic!)
  • OIP 
  • The Roost - this is a popular small town bar, and for us, it's a bit loud.  But they make a good cheesesteak, and you can order it for pick up.  :-)
  • Tasty Corner (Amish Owned, in the old Video & Vittles. )
Trout Run
  • The Village Inn (Local Dive of Sorts - I believe this may be permanently closed?)
  • Subs from Burkholders
Watsontown - 
West Milton
Places I'm Anxious To Try:

The Ones We Loved & Lost: Permanently Closed

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