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CommunityYard Sale Dates

 2023 List Of Community Yard Sales in the Central Susquehanna Valley


15th Beaver Run Consignment Sale, Washingtonville [3rd Saturday In April, Annually]

28 & 29th Hartelton [Unconfirmed, but Traditionally Last Week-end In April]
28 - 29th New Columbia [Always The Last Week-end In April]
27th- 29th  Shamokin Dam


5-6th Muncy [1st week-end in May]
5-6th Milton [1st week-end in May]

13th - Sunbury Hill Section

19-20th Montgomery [3rd week-end in May]

27th - McEwensville [Always Memorial Day Week-End]
27th Mazeppa [Traditionally, Memorial Day Week-end]

2-3  - Montoursville [Always the week-end after Memorial Day]
2-3  Allenwood
 2-3 - Isle of Que [Traditionally first week-end in June]
 2-3 - Antes Fort

23-24 - Orangeville



18th  Turbotville [Always 3rd Week-End in August]

1st - Northumberland Yard Sales [Always Labor Day Week-end]
23rd Watsontown [Always 4th Saturday in Sept]


Where To Find The Flea Markets

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2022 DATES


30thCrossroads Church Milton [Montandon]

12-13 Linntown
 20th  Elysburg

11th - Avis

17th-19th - community yard sale for West Milton out cross road, Sunrise, Miller's Bottom and all surrounding roads

24th - Lock Havens First Community Yard Sales

16th Riverside
15-16th - The 100 Mile Yard Sale  - spans 3 counties in the Quehanna area. 
29-30  - Elimsport

13th - Bloomsburg

3rd Beaver Run Consignment Sale, Washingtonville [1st Saturday In September, Annually]
3rd - Northumberland Yard Sales [Always Labor Day Week-end]
10th Sunbury Hill Section [Typically Does A Spring, & Fall Sale, second week-end in May, and second week-end in September]

7-8th Kreamer [Fall Sale - They also do a Spring sale]


  1. thanks for the list! Do you know if Harris Estates in selinsgrove is both Friday and Saturday? Or only Saturday?

  2. Yard sale advice---If you are having a yard sale go to the bank and pick up smaller bills ahead of the yard sale. $1,$5, $10's. Also when making signs simply add your address and arrows. NO need to LIST items as signs are too small to read while driving.

    When GOING to a yard sale, ====Please, Please, Please if you must go to an ATM run into a store and break the $20's. Buy water, gum, etc.... So frustrating when first customers of the day all come and buy with a $20 and take all the change.

    HAVE FUN and be safe.

  3. When are Hughesville community yardsales? Approximately how many yard sales does Hughesville usually have? Thanks!


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