Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Tivoli Tavern

9522 Route 220 Hwy, Hughesville, PA 17737

I heard a commercial on the radio a few weeks back, for this place.  It's one of those rare commercials that is well done - it talks about the menu and uses the name enough times that I could easily look it up when I was no longer driving.
We were nearby one night, and of course I love to try unique new places...  so here we are.  It did end up being a bit more of a drive than we expected..  it's a Hughesville address, but this is not downtown Hughesville - it's actually on the outskirts, in an area named Tivoli.

The parking lot was FULL.  There were large groups of people our age (middle aged) standing in the parking lot talking.  This is often a good sign.
The inside is small - and was packed full, but I didn't feel crowded and we got a seat quickly.  There is a bar, separated by the half wall with the mountain lion shown above.  There's  a stuff bear on one end of the dining room, and what I believe is a coyote skin on one wall...  mixed with some sports memorabilia, and a few very old black and white photos of the area.  My kind of eclectic.

We got here late, after a long day and a hike to Tickle Rock - so when the food came, I didn't think to snap a photo right away.  It looked much nicer when the waitress set it on the table.  This was the Juicy Lucy Special - I don't know if this is every Thursday night or not, but we had seen it on their facebook page.
Thursday special:Juicy Lucy Burger! 
It’s a 1/2 Pound Cheddar Cheese Stuffed Burger with a Side of Fries for $10.00!

I had the buffalo chicken cheese steak and it was VERY good!

See the menu online here:

They have a prime rib special on the first Saturday of every month.
Reservations are strongly suggested for Prime Rib night.

Anyone know which waterfall this is?  There are women holding parasols standing at the top in this photo.
Below is from our first visit.  On our second visit the food was MUCH better and our waitress was fantastic!  This is one of those times where I am very glad we didn't let one less than stellar (although not horrible) visit keep us from visiting again!

The food however, was just ok.  And our waitress never refilled our drinks, which is pretty much our only criteria for a decent waitress.  She was nice, she just didn't come back to refill my coffee or Dan's soda.

This does not adequately show how huge the fish sandwich is. 

The brewed fries were REALLY good!  And my turkey sandwich had a great taste.  The bread was just a little soggy.   

It's an interesting place I'd be willing to visit again.  Especially to try their Prime Rib night!


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