Thursday, February 20, 2020

Have You Ever Had Peanut Butter, BBQ Sauce & Bacon On A Cheesesteak?

Photo stolen from their fb page, of one of the cheesesteaks they serve here.

We stopped at the Sunbury Bottle Works a few weeks back, and ever since I have been thinking about this cheesesteak and wishing I had ordered one to bring home for everyone to try.  It's called The Nutty Professor (second down on the list below)

Cheese Sauce, Bacon, Mayo, BBQ Sauce, and PEANUT BUTTER.
On a cheesesteak.  

(How big is a $27 cheesesteak?  This is another thing I neglected to find out and now must know.  I know our burgers were quite large, and very reasonably priced.  So I suspect a $27 cheesesteak is huge.)

The Hot & Spicy Burger - it was fantastic!

Instead, we ordered burgers.  And I can't regret that choice, the burgers are fantastic.  Really fantastic.  And the fresh cut fries were great too.  

Very limited seating - this is a small place.

My only disappointment here was that it is in a strip mall, instead of a big old brick building.  When I hear "bottle works" I picture old converted factory, (Something like the Berwick Brewing Company) and since I didn't actually look the place up before we drove there...  a (mostly deserted) strip mall was not what I expected.  

It's sort of like going out to eat at a beer distributors.    Since the name is "Bottle Works"...  I guess they are probably known for their beer.  :-)   But they should be known for their food!  You can order the food to go, too.

The food more than made up for the location.  We will definitely go back - I really NEED to try that cheesesteak.  

 The Menu:


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