The Village Inn In Washingtonville

(Full menu is at the bottom of this post)

This place is NOT for everyone.  It's not overly clean.  There is no wifi - there's very little cell service at all.  But it's a favorite spot for the locals, especially for breakfast  And the old green bar is worth seeing!  It's located across from Burkholders - the cheapest place around to get lunch meat, and they now have milkshakes there too!  Both places are located by the blinking light in Washingtonville.

Dan took me to the Village Inn in Washingtonville today. I loved it - but it's not for everyone! The carpet is stained & torn. The furniture is mostly mismatched old office chairs. The old (gorgeous!!) bar & stools are cruddy - the entire place could use a good cleaning. The food reminded me of a cross between cafeteria food & a pot luck. (The "salad bar" was a pot luck of salads - the brocolli salad was really really good!! The soup on the salad bar was in a crockpot, on a folding table.) The vegetables came from a can. The food is plentiful - way more than we could eat. And it is CHEAP. The roast beef was fantastic. I look forward to going back and trying the sandwiches. I should hate the place really - but i truly loved it.


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