Places To Eat - D&C Coffee & Tea

The breakfast quesadilla at DC Coffee & Tea

Below is a post about our first visit to DC - but I wanted to update that this has become one of our favorites!  The food here is really, really good.  The menu is somewhat unique for our area.  Stuffed french toast with blueberry sausage, breakfast quesadillas, sandwiches with pear...  everything I have ordered here has been great!  And they have a great selection of coffee (including the fancy coffee drinks) and free wifi.  

 Stuffed French Toast With Blueberry Sausage

Last week, while Molly was being spayed, my best friend kept me busy by shopping with me.  We ended up at D&C Coffee & Tea in Mifflinburg for lunch.  I can't believe it took me so long to eat here!  Between this place, and Gable House Bakery, plus Wengers and the new consignment store in the old Earls Bike shop building...  Mifflinburg is WELL worth the 45 minute drive from the farm!

I had both coffee and lemonade, and they were both REALLY good.  And the sandwiches were great too!  It reminded me of a nicer, locally owned, Panera.  Oh - and they had ice cream too!

While we were there, they had live music - which apparently they have somewhat regularly

This is definitely a place I will look for every opportunity to visit again!

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