Bike Trail at Indian Park, Montoursville PA

I love this path!  Dan plays softball on this field, I try to always have my bike along so I can ride this path while he warms up before the game.  It's 4 miles, "ending" in Commerce Park, where you could continue on by road, or pick up the 6 mile loop of the Susquehanna Riverwalk.

going under the bridge

This is a fun path, in part because the scenery will constantly change.  If you start at Indian Park (you could also park at Wal-mart and start there) you will almost immediately bike through a tunnel, then along the creek, under a bridge, and then along the road (there's a path along the road for bikes) and down the back road to the boat launch, where a train often sits...  

very little traffic on this road, the road ends at the boat launch/park at RiverFront Park and the bike path is wide on both sides of the road.

This road will take you past riverfront park, then past the boat launch, before continuing on the Reighard Trail.

Riverfront Park
56 acres, includes Canfield's Island National Historic Site and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission's Lester L. Greevy, Sr. Boat Access for fishing, picnicking, hiking and entrance to the Susquehanna Bikeway.The site was formerly the Native American Village of Ostonwakin. This is a place where history lives in nature and you can enjoy a recreational facility. There are bike and walking paths, a picnic pavilion, a multi-purpose field and a boat dock. Take a self guided tour of Canfield Island.

At the end of Riverfront park you pick up the Reighard Trail - 
"This section of the Susquehanna Bikeway is dedicated do William C Reighard for his 36 years of service as a Loyalsock Township Supervisor"

The Reighard trail will split, you can choose to go right, or left.  Right will take you into the golden strip area of Williamsport.  We go this way to get to Brusters.  The bike path runs through the red light area, follow it to the left, take the sidewalk over the small bridge, and Brusters will be right ahead on your left.

If you turn left when the Reighard trail splits, that section of the trail will take you right to Commerce Park In Williamsport, ending with the trailhead/parking area for the Susquehanna Riverwalk off to your left.

From Indian Park in Montoursville to the Commerce Park (not really a park - that's the name of the road and parking area for the Riverwalk) is 4 miles, making it an 8 mile loop if you just go there and back.  An extra 6 miles can be added with the Susquehanna Riverwalk.

map is from the cardio trainer app I use on droid.   The blue dots are stops.  One is a geocache, three are getting on and off the bridge, waiting for people there, etc. One was to watch a plane (the airport is nearby).