The Haystacks

The Haystack Rapids are located on the Loyalsock Creek, off the Loyalsock Trail, near Laporte in Sullivan County PA.  From Hughesville, it's about a 40 minute drive.  Take 220 N, and turn left on Mead Rd, which will be just a bit past the turn for downtown Laporte.  

Mead road leads right into the Loyalsock Trail parking area.    From there you will find the trail to the haystacks well marked.  It's about 2.5 miles from the parking area to the Haystacks.  

The DNCR brochure on the haystacks, with maps, trail info, and info about the formations:

From the LT parking area (which is nice, with a picnic table, and non flush bathroom) you can walk straight down and to the left to Dutchman falls. It's a short hike down, but a steep climb back up.

pretty rock tunnel near Dutchman Falls

 Above Dutchman falls - the first part of the waterfall
Dutchman Falls

Half way from the parking lot to the falls, you cross this railway bed. This is the easy hike to the Haystacks - it's about 2.25 miles, with 2 of them on a flat easy surface, shown above.

 This was on a Sunday afternoon - it wasn't crowded, but there were other groups of people here.
There are lots of flat rocks around here too, perfect for napping, and picnics.

This is at the start of one of the rock "slides".  The water carries you right through here, and over a very small waterfall at the end.

(blogger lost some of my photos - I'll try to find them and put them back in here later)
at the end of the slide shown above.

more of the slide

one of several places you can jump into a swimming hole here

jumping over the waterfall

posing in front of the waterfall

Looking downstream

Looking upstream

This is the end of the hike to the haystacks - it's still pretty level, and easy.  The only difficult part at all is the climb back up to the parking lot at the end.