Shady Maple & Sight and Sound

One of the men in our church organized a trip, for 60 of us, to see Jonah at Sight and Sound.  Before the show, we went to Shady Maple for dinner.

This place is insanely large.  First you stand in line to pay.  Then you stand in line to be seated.  Then you stand in line at the buffet.  We lucked out - because one of the vehicles in our caravan broke down, and we drove back to pick up extras from that vehicle, we were late to the restaurant, so we did not have to wait to be seated, our group was already seated and we were able to join them.

The buffet area is huge. It was so overwhelming that one of my teens returned simply with a huge plate of macaroni and cheese, I think it was just too many choices.  The food was ok - the roast beef and the french fries were really good.  Nothing was outstanding, and the desserts were disappointing, at least our families choices were.  People criss cross all over, there is no flow to the buffet lines..  it's just chaos.

Downstairs is the gift shop, which is roughly the size of the mall here.  I had a lot more fun browsing there then I did eating.   I loved these coffee mugs - 

And then it was on to Sight and Sound, to see Jonah.  This was our first time at Sight and Sound.  It will not be our last!

The show is simply amazing. The tech, the engineering, the sound, the actors, the effects..  It was amazing!  I'd love to go back and do a Behind the Scenes Tour!