T& D's Cats Of The World

This is one of those places we always mean to get to visit, but for years, never have made a priority.  They are a wildlife refuge, and are only open to the public about 40 days a year.  They are located near Penns Creek, at 363 Mountain Rd, Center Township, PA 17862.  Admission is $10 a person, and they only accept cash or check.    More details to plan your visit can be found here: http://www.tdscats.com/Visit.html

We should have went sooner!  It's a really nice little "zoo".  We got there about 4pm, and the animals were all pretty active - up and around, visible. Give yourself about an hour to see everything.  It's $10 a person for adults, and well worth that fee.

I had such a good time taking pics of the animals - you can see all of the pics I took today here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.291182324417522.1073741898.175207949348294&type=1