Saturday, September 20, 2014

T & D's Cats Of The World

 363 Mountain Rd, Center Township, PA 17862
(Near Penns Creek, Snyder County Pa)
Admission is $10 a person
Check their fb page for exact hours, as they vary by season.

Hours are extremely limited, primarily to protect the animals, but also because the staff is almost completely made up of volunteers.  The facility, fully certified,  is completely non profit.

It all began with state trooper Terry Mattive took part in a sting operation by purchasing a cougar from a group selling wild animals. 

Mattive kept the cat, and as word got around, he began receiving calls about other large cats that needed a home.  T&D's Cats was Terry and his wife  Donna  in 1990.  It  is one of only a few exotic animal refuges in Pennsylvania.

 "Nearly 300 abused, mistreated, or unwanted animals call T&D’s home, including 50 felines (lions, tigers, cougars, leopards, bobcats, servals, and lynx). Other animals- bears, fox, deer, coyotes, wolf-dogs, raccoons, primates, parrots, and others – have also found their way to T&D’s." The park does not buy, nor trade, animals.  Every animal on the premises was a rescue - and in many cases, the animals would have had to have been euthanized if T&D's did not take them in.  

All of the animals had been abused or mistreated, or became unwanted. Many of them had been confiscated by government agencies, or rescue groups, and placed at the Snyder County Facility.  

 The refuge makes no profit, admission fees & donations all go towards the cost of feed and care for the animals.

I had such a good time taking pics of the animals - you can see all of the pics I took  here:

May through August, visitors can take self guided tours throughout the sanctuary.
In September, admission is only available on the week-ends, during guided tours.


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