Columbia County Covered Bridge Tour #3 - Northeast

The only twin covered bridges in the United States are found here in Columbia County PA.

Part 3 of a 4 part Covered Bridges Of Columbia County Tour
This was my favorite section of tour so far.

The blue diamond on the far right is the parking area for the geocache, once you collect all the answers from the 5 bridges shown here.  

The geocache for this series:

Kramer Covered Bridge 
N41 07.268 W76 25.918

I wish I had been able to get a better angle as the horses came across the bridge, but we didn't arrive quite soon enough.  Still, I loved seeing them.  Even though most of our neighbors have horses and buggies, there's something about seeing them cross a covered bridge.

 Patterson Covered Bridge 

N41 06.572 W76 25.038 
spans 82 feet across the Green Creek. Located near Orangeville, it was built in 1845.

Stillwater is another bridge lined with picnic tables. There are LOTS of places for picnics on this section of the tour!

Stillwater Covered Bridge

 N41 09.120 W76 22.036
 is single span Burr Arch with a total length of 168 feet. It is on Fishing Creek Road over Fishing Creek Branch in Stillwater. This historic bridge was built in 1849 and is currently closed to motor traffic.

East and West Paden  - Twin Covered Bridges

 N41 06.436 W76 21.418 
 The only twin covered bridges in the United States, are located on Huntington Creek in Fishing Creek Township. Note that the West Paden was washed away on June 28, 2006 due to the heavy rainfall and flooding. 

Josiah Hess Covered Bridge

 N41 06.855 W76 20.343
 is a single span Burr Arch with a total length of 110 feet. It carries Fishing Creek Road over Huntington Creek in the east of Forks PA. This historic bridge was built in 1875. There are picnic tables inside – obviously it’s closed to vehicular traffic.

Our Log, once we found the final for this cache series - 
Last one for today - we'll have to finish the last one another time. Three of the bridges here are lined with picnic tables - we should have packed a picnic! Loved the twin bridges.

Long drive to the final - I think we should have followed the order given here. We somehow missed the stillwater & had to back track, making it a 20 minutes drive up and down the mountains.

Then when we got to the final we followed the compass & took the wrong trail... finally found the right trail, but that was a steep climb- nothing like the easy walks of the south & central.

Still loving this series, and look forward to doing the last one another day.


Columbia County Covered Bridge Tour #1 - Central

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