Herman & Luthers

We drive right past this place every Wednesday on our way to BSF.  When they first put out the "now open" sign, we had no idea what it was.  Then we did a little research, and we thought it was just a wedding venue.  It took us weeks to realize we could actually stop here for lunch. This week when we stopped, we noticed they have added the wording on the back of the truck, that may be helpful to others driving by.  :-)

 The Historic Barn that is now Herman & Luthers.  The black doors in the middle are where you enter for The Workshop - a deli.

This was the menu this week, when we stopped.  The menu changes every week.  You can find it on their facebook page each week - 

 We had my dog Molly with us (don't we always?) so we got the boxed lunches to go.    I love the presentation. My only disappointment was that the drinks are canned, not bottles.  Bottles of hanks soda would go so much better with this.

There is seating in the barn, if you would like to eat there.

 And this is what my meal, the ham americano with potato salad, looked like unwrapped.It was GOOD.  And the sandwiches are really loaded with meat.

Meg had the smothered beef.

The food was fantastic.

Watch their facebook page, they do special dinners for Valentines Day, Mothers Day, etc. They look to be amazing, and I hope to get to one of them later this year!

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