Crown Fried Chicken - For A Gyro

A Gyro At Crown Fried Chicken in Williamsport

A gyro from crown fried chicken in Williamsport. It was good - but not nearly as good as the ones from Main Street Grill in Muncy. CFC has falafel too - I want to go back and try that- and maybe even try the chicken. :-) I'd suggest ordering as take out - they really aren't set up for more than a couple of people to eat there.  And it was really cold inside.  Considering I never get cold, when I think a restaurant is cold, it's COLD.  And it wasn't extremely clean.  

But I will definitely go back. Not for a gyro - their's are good, but not nearly as good as the ones at Main Street Grill.  When I want a gyro, I want to go to Main Street Grill.  Always.

But Crown Fried had falafel on the menu. I definitely want to try the falafel!  And I wouldn't mind trying the chicken.  


  1. Are they still open? We drove past a few weeks ago and their location in the TJ Maxx Plaza was empty.

  2. They have moved to downtown williamsport. :-)


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