Dinner At The Turbotville Hotel

The Turbotville Hotel is under new ownership and the dining room is not yet re-opened.  The bar is open, and is now non smoking!  Watch their facebook page for updates - 

(570) 649-5420 · 305 Main St Turbotville, PA 17772
The Turbotville Hotel was built in 1843.
When built, it had a ballroom on the third floor.  

This is another one of those places that I can't really recommend.  But I liked.  You have to know what you are in for here, and be happy about it.

1.  They only open the dining room Friday and Saturday nights.  So it's not uncommon for them to run out of items on Saturday nights.  For us, it meant no veggies with our steak specials.  My guys were not devastated.  They had applesauce in place of a vegetable.  There were only 4 steak specials left when we got there Saturday night.  Again, not a problem for us - out of our party of 6, only 4 wanted steak.

2. And this is kind of a big one - be prepared to smell like cigarette smoke when you leave.  We didn't notice it while there, but when we walked outside, we could smell it in our hair and clothes.  The bar is on the other side of the hallway, and it has a good exhaust fan, but the open doorway between the hall and dining room doesn't stop the smoke from wafting over.  I imagine part of the problem is that the bar is open, with people smoking in it, all week long - so that dining room is constantly absorbing some of the smoke odor.  

3. Service is not speedy.  We had 7pm reservations.  (7 was the earliest they could fit 6 of us in, the dining room is not large.  Probably less than 30 people can eat there at one time)  After standing in the hall for awhile, one of the guys walking through told us we could go on in, our table was ready.  We sat down, and were warned that our waitress might be awhile, she was currently making salads.  It was probably 7:15 or later before she got to our table to take our drink orders and drop off menus..  It was after 8 before we had food in front of us.  But we liked our waitress, and she was obviously hustling trying to do everything..  they simply do not have a lot of staff here, so it is what it is.  Be prepared.

4. Soda all comes from a can.  You'll get a glass of ice and a straw with your can, so it's not a big deal - just be prepared.

 The food wasn't that amazing (but it was good), the atmosphere is nothing special, the service is slow, and we left smelling like cigarettes.  So why on earthy would we go back here?   I don't know, but I'm pretty sure we will.  

The steaks and french fries were good. Cheap too.  "Salad" (lettuce and one small tomato wedge), french fries and steak, with applesauce was less than $11  - it was their special.   I wouldn't really recommend the salad choices - my sister ordered the chef salad and it was not great.  Not bad, this just isn't the place you go to order salad. 

 It's just one of those small local hometown places..  I don't think most people even realize they are open and serving food.

During the week the bar is open, and serves basic sandwiches - bar food.  Cheesesteaks, hamburgs, subs..  nothing worth the strong cigarette smell over there. (also, no one under 18 is permitted there) But peak in and check out that gorgeous hoosier (?) cabinet.  There's a matching one  in the hallway - but the one in the bar has a sink.   :-)  I don't know if they are old, or something new built to look old?  But they are beautiful.

That's one more crossed off on our "Places To Try" list.
But Dan heard of a place in Muncy that is supposed to have amazing cheesesteaks - apparently the owner is cousin or brother or something to Gino of Gino's in Philadelphia...