The White Oak Tavern in Herndon Pa

Although I keep a list of restaurants we want to try, sometimes we just stumble on a great place.  This was one of those times.  We loved this place so much that we were trying to figure out why we might need to go back to that area any time this summer.  (Geocaching.  There's always geocaching.)

We were in Herndon to buy a used truck Dan had found through Craigslist.  Most of the time we were in the area we had no cell service.  But we did have enough service at one point to find this place on yelp.  I think it was the only restaurant listed for Herndon.

Had we not been looking for it, we might have driven right past.  Like most buildings in this area, it's right up along the mountain, around a curve in the road.  

We had dinner on the  patio.  Service was quick  - we were very surprised by how fast our food arrived after ordering it.  Our waitress was nice, helpful, and not overly intrusive.

Inside the restaurant, even though it's a tavern, it was very much a family atmosphere, with booths full of families with kids. It was a bit noisy in there, we definitely preferred the patio.

And the food was sooooooooo good!  Dan ordered the smoked turkey sandwich, and that's what I would recommend.  I had the roast beef and it was very good.  Very good.  But that smoked turkey was so good it's worth a drive to Herndon just for that.  We really loved the sourdough bread the sandwiches were served on.

The restaurant has a great website, with their menu, and lots of photos.

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