Monday, October 8, 2018

Sculpture Garden at Steve Tobin's Studio

This was part of our "Sunday Drive" ROAD TRIP."  
You can read all about that trip, and see the route I recommend, HERE

Located at the corner of California & Kelly Rds, in Quakertown Pa
GPS Coods - N 40° 27.423 W 075° 21.333
(Yes, There is a geocache here)

This was on my map of places to see as "sculpture garden".  I had no other notes, and didn't really remember why it was on my list.  Had I researched a bit more before we left, I would have made sure we arrived here earlier.  I definitely want to return!  Because it was getting dark, I know I only saw a small part of this.

There appeared to be more across the street. There were also some crosses near the back of the building, and really, a whole lot more that I did not get to see on this trip.

It's impossible for me to properly describe the scale of this, and how neat it was to stand here.

Steve Tobin is a world renowned sculptor, who has done some pretty cool things.  Like exploding small charges in blocks of clay, and then firing the results.  Or making bronze castings of termite mounds.  

He obviously also experimented with fruit displayed in shoes.  Probably not my favorite of his works, but it was visable through the door of his (closed) studio.

"In 2005, Tobin installed what is perhaps his best known work, Trinity Root, originally placed at St. Paul's Chapel in Lower Manhattan, New York City. During the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, the chapel had been partly shielded from damage by a 70-year-old sycamore tree. He created a bronze sculpture of the tree's stump and roots, which now sits in front of the church on the corner of Wall Street and Broadway. Tobin financed the $330,000 sculpture himself, taking out a home equity loan to do so.[5] In December 2015, Trinity Church, who owns the sculpture under an agreement with Tobin, moved the piece from its former location to the site of the church's conference center in West Cornwall, Conn. without the artist's consent. The decision has created controversy, with the artist claiming that the removal was unjustified and damages resulted.[6]"

You can view much better photos (  I NEED to go back here in the daylight sometime!) of his works here:

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