Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Hassenplug Covered Bridge

The Hassenplug covered bridge, built in 1825, is thought to be one of the two oldest remaining covered bridges in the country, tied with Hyde Hall Bridge in New York, which was built the same year. Located on North 4th Street, it is less than one mile from the down town area.

"It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980  and is the oldest covered bridge in the United States. However, this distinction is also claimed for the Hyde Hall Bridge in New York. "  - Wikipedia

Approximate Coordinates - 40.923651, -77.049775
There is a pull off parking area, at the head of the Koons Trail, right next to the bridge.

The 80 foot long Burr Truss one lane bridge, which crosses Buffalo Creek,  is named for the Hassenplug family, who lived in the brick house nearby.

A farmers exchange in town brought many farmers across the bridge to sell their produce.

Clark Mensch driving a hay wagon over the Hassenplug covered bridge.  His hired hand, Kenneth Mitchell, is on the right.  
A few farmers from the areas would take teams to the Farmers Exchange in the 1940's and 50's.

The bridge was restored in 1959.  The wooden deck was replaced with steel grating and a pier was added to allow for heavier vehicles.  The bridge is still open to traffic.

There is a one mile trail, The Koons Trail, right beside the bridge.
It's a wide, flat, path that meanders along the creek.

The bridge from the trail


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  1. Didn't see anything about - J.H. Albright & Sons - They made farm equipment in Mifflinburg.. And I know there were around 80 buggy makers in Mifflinburg.. Thank you....


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