Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Lyons, or Price, Covered Bridge - Hughesville Pa

 Although this bridge is referred to as the Price covered bridge by the Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society, Charlie Glidwell refers to it as the Lyons Covered Bridge - 

"This road intersected the Hughesville and Picture Rocks Road in front of the Price home, then crossed the Muncy Creek through the Lyon's Covered Bridge and followed the present Reservoir Drive to the north end of Hughesville," stated Charles Glidewell who grew up near the park owned by his grandfather, Henry Glidewell." 
More about Shady Nook Park - and Jim Thorpe's visit - here - 

In an interview with the Muncy Luminary, about Shady Nook Park, Charles Glidwell mentions " below the dam were signs of an old wooden covered bridge"



  1. The two bridges comment belongs with this article.

  2. The two pictures above show different covered bridges. The upper one looks to have 11 panels in its construction. The lower image shows 16 panels and was likely about 50+ feet longer. The upper image also states that it was over Little Muncy Creek, rather than Muncy Creek, so perhaps it was located elsewhere.


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