Friday, July 3, 2020

Turbotville, Pennsylvania

History, Stories, & Photos of Turbotville Pa

The Fires & Other Disasters
1900 Fire       1957 Fire     1983 Tornado

The Turbotville High School 1890-1937

Turbotville Baseball
Back Row L-R: Barr Wertman, Red Ramsey, Doc Muffly, Herb Barr, Don Houseknecht, Bink Huff, Hardie Merrill, Dope Secules
Front Row: Francis Patt, Bob Swope [score keeper] Amo Snyder, Fred Liadacker, Teener Foust, Charles Catherman, Skeet Menges [Manger-playing]

Harold Anspach, the National AAU Middleweight Champion from Turbotville

Social Activities & Clubs

The Turbotville Community Hall
The Muncy Speedway Race Track Between Turbotville & Muncy

Turbotville has, within its limits, quite a number of old people.  A count made the other day found thirteen who were eighty or more years old.  This is not a bad showing for a town that numbers about five hundred inhabitants"
The Danville Morning News, Nov 15 1904

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December 1917

July 1917

Store & Residence of Harry Denius
Turbotville, Pa


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  1. I have lived in the Turbotville area for 40 some years, always enjoyed your posts. I was very surprised to see a article about my great grandfather Frank Groner. My Mother said she had heard the story but did not ever hear that it was that serious.


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